Sativa-dominant AK-47 is a famous and widely loved strain. Despite its sativa-leaning genetics - with roots going back to Columbian, Thai, and Mexican landrace sati vas - AK-47 is a mellow take on the alert, social, classic sativa buzz. The genetics do, after all, include some Afghani indica. AK-47 offers an interesting set of contrasts between uplifting and mellow effects, sour and sweet aromas, and indica and sativa genetics.  

The strain’s origins go back to 1992, when it was created by Serious Seeds. AK-47 has won a myriad of Cannabis Cup awards worldwide since then, establishing a reputation for high levels of THC content and a famously skunky aroma. In fact, it is among the most frequently awarded strains in the history of cannabis.

AK-47 Sativa Strain Cannabis Cup Serious Seeds

AK-47 buds are light, airy, and colorful, with both a lighter pale green and darker pine green underlying a dense layer of vibrant orange hairs that set a warm visual impression. More so than many other strains, a yellow-green and orange impression dominates the darker greens to offer a bold and unique visual profile.

The aroma of AK-47 bursts out of the jar, quickly filling any small room with the skunky, pungent, yet slightly sweet smell. The sour and skunky aroma is a classic cannabis experience that it shares with other powerful hybrid strains, which may set off a wave of nostalgia for cannabis connoisseurs. In terms of the taste profile, sweeter, more floral notes are unleashed in the thick, luxurious smoke.

Reportedly, the strain was named for its powerful one-hit capacity. Despite being named after one of the world’s most deadly weapons, and despite its sativa dominant heritage, the effects of AK-47 are undeniably mellow and easygoing. The influence of the Afghani indica parentage is noticeable.

In my own experience, there are generally two different branches of sativa dominant strains. First, there are those that are heavily stimulating, uplifting, and pair appropriately with coffee in the morning, yet may not be ideal for anyone suffering from anxiety, as these particular sativas have the potential for psychedelic-style paranoia, and physical symptoms like a racing heartbeat. This category includes strains such as Trainwreck and Super Silver Haze. These offer some great properties that distinguish them from other cannabis, but they are not for everyone. Then there is a category of sativas, or often just sativa-dominant hybrids, that are a bit more flexible and forgiving. These strains offer effects that are great for socializing, creativity, listening to live music and other daytime and evening activities, yet these sativas lack the distinctly stimulating aspects of the less forgiving strains.

AK-47 Taste Profile nug weed cannabis

AK-47 is a great example of the latter category, an uplifting sativa nature that leads into a mellow, relaxing, and optimistic buzz. This strain is great for an afternoon nature walk, or for appreciating live music or a visually powerful film. The Afghani indica roots noticeably offset the Thai, Mexican, and Columbian sativa heritage, offering a balanced and easy to love set of effects. This strain is also great for treating stress, depression, pain and fatigue, as well as more specific conditions such as bipolar disorder, PTSD, and migraines.

It’s hard not to like AK-47. It is a great sativa option for those who don’t enjoy the more stimulating strains, but who might want an option for earlier in the day, or for social events. In any case, AK-47 is one of the world’s most renowned strains of the last few decades, and every cannabis connoisseur should give it a try.