Ancient OG is an 85 percent indica hybrid with some cerebral, sativa-like traits that have a stronger presence than you would expect given the genetic makeup.

At the same time, the strain offers many of the body-focused, sleep-promoting properties of the heaviest indicas, inherited from its Iranian landrace parent. But while its other parent, Snow Lotus, is itself primarily indica, the hybrids that make up this strain
s heritage seem to have smuggled in a few elements of sativa-driven cerebral euphoria.


Landrace Strain History

Landrace strains are strains with a long history in a certain part of the world, and they present unique properties that hybrid strains dont, and cant, offer. After spending thousands of years adapting to the microclimates of an area, and being selectively bred by locals, these strains possess a balance of cannabinoids and terpenes that is virtually impossible to reproduce in a controlled setting. Indoor growing can interfere with these properties, even with true landrace genetics in hand. As such, full landraces are tough to find in todays cannabis market, and strains like Ancient OG, that rely heavily on those genetics, can represent a window into discovering what certain landraces have to offer.

The strain was bred by Bodhi Seeds, who also brought us Snow Lotus.
Leafly users recommend it to treat insomnia, stress, pain, lack of appetite, and muscle spasms, and unlike many heavy indica strains, many patients have also found Ancient OG to be effective in alleviating depression.

Ancient OG
s bold aroma makes it immediately recognizable as a member of the crowd-pleasing OG family. The most striking notes are of sweet citrus and pine, blending together into a fresh, clean, and invigorating blend of aromas. Below that first layer, however, there are also subtler notes of earthy, grassy, clean soil components underneath. Its a well-rounded, distinctive aroma profile with a clean, classic OG foundation.


Ancient Og Looks and Effects


ancient og strain indica

A quick visual inspection of these buds gives a first impression of bold mint-green, but looking more closely, the dense, layered, cone-shaped buds also show layers of tiny golden-white crystals, marmalade orange hairs, and a range of even more vibrant lime and emerald greens.

On the tongue, vaporizing these buds brings out the earthy and fuel aspects of the strain
s flavor profile.

The effect of Ancient OG kicks in in multiple stages, and then unfolds in several onion-like layers. Taking a few minutes to kick in, the experience starts slowly, easing you into a warming, cozy, stress-melting pool of body-based sensations. From here, things reach a peak rather gradually, and once they do, you
ll notice a handful of surprising, classically sativa properties.

This is where the strain really strikes an interesting balance. The effect does take a cerebral turn at its peak, with your thoughts going off in strange, funny new directions and tangents. Negative thought patterns are stopped in their tracks, and there is even an excitement and mood lift that accompanies the peak effects of Ancient OG. This goes beyond the relatively clear-minded, body-centric high of a typical indica. Yet, these effects stop short of the pounding heart and hard to control, racing thoughts of your average zippy sativa. Instead, the thoughts come slowly, in a dreamy, pleasant haze.

As things begin to wind down, the effect mellows into a classic indica couchlock before leaving you yawning and ready to pass out completely. This is also where your appetite may get out of control.

This balance is a pleasant and uncommon one. It allows you to enjoy euphoric, mind-bending, and hazy cerebral effects without some of the speedier and more challenging sativa properties. It also avoids any real surges of energy and wakefulness, so while this is not an alert or functional strain as with many that produce cerebrally focused effects, it offers a cerebral experience while remaining perfect for nighttime. It
s hard to imagine a better strain for the end of a long, bad day - able to turn your thoughts around, and relieve stress and depression in equal measure.