Blackberry Kush is bred from a combination of the storied, stony, Afghani indica, and the sweet and pungent hybrid, Blackberry. Like so many hallmark strains, the specific origins of Blackberry Kush are truly unknown as no breeders or growers have claimed Blackberry Kush as their own. The history of this strain will likely be forever lost in the shadows of the prohibition era underground.

Visually, Blackberry Kush makes an impression with dense buds covered with broad, dark green leaves with a dusty light purple coating. Some buds have dark purple calyxes, with an almost black color to match the name. The double-purple appearance underscores the berry theme – small buds appears as little purple berries. Blackberry Kush may not provide a massive dose of antioxidants like berries, but it manages to make up for that with high levels of THC and a high range of terpenes.

Like many indicas, the buds are dense and sweet smelling. The taste, however, is complex – with a sweet berry taste on the inhale, in juxtaposition to an earthy fuel element to the exhale. Like its namesake, a berry taste is present, less acidic than a blueberry strain but with a sweet and deep aroma. Beyond the berry taste lies a hashy and woody component, no doubt passed on from its Afghani indica parentage. According to analyses, the flavor comes from the prominently featured terpenes linalool, pinene, limonene, humulene, and caryophyllene. It is easy to see how the respectively floral, piney, acidic, herbal, and spicy aromas of these terpenes combine to create the complex, fresh, ‘berry’ flavor of Blackberry Kush.

Photo by: Pinterest

Photo by: Pinterest

The effects follow through on the promising heritage of this pain-killing strain. Like its ‘grandparent’, Black Domina - one of the ancestors of its Blackberry hybrid parent - this Kush strain packs a numbing, narcotic style punch. A Raspberry Cough ancestor imparts a mood lifting, laugh-inducing, sativa influence. Finally, its Afghani landrace parent lays a solid base with a pleasantly relaxing indica body-buzz that we’ve come to love so much in so many modern indica strains.

Beloved by patients for the treatment of pain, insomnia, and even depression, Blackberry Kush offers a lush, stoney, indica sensation. It has reportedly been effective for patients as a muscle relaxer, and for such stubborn problems as chronic pain and migraines. Its intense effect is both functional and enjoyable.  How to best consume Blackberry Kush depends on what kind of smoker you are, and what you are using it for. If you gravitate towards indica strains in general, this is unlikely to completely knock you out or render you totally non -functional. If, on the other hand, you tend to experience fatigue and couchlock from heavy indica strains, this one is likely to do the same. It may not be the heaviest of the heavy, but it is a hard hitting body stone that might be best saved for before bedtime for some smokers.