The new Blue Zkittlez strain arrived on the scene just this year, combining genetics from thepurple indica strain Zkittlez with those of the indica Blue Diamond. While labeled an indica dominant strain with predominantly indica leaning genetics, Blue Zkittlez offers some noticeable sativa-like properties alongside the more reliable sedative and body-focused indica effects. This may be a result of the Grapefruit strain - that has sativa genetics - in the original Zkittlez genetics, or possibly from the mysterious background of Blue Diamond. In any case, Blue Zkittlez is a decidedly hybrid experience, combining body effects and sedation with the distinct qualities of sativa energy and thoughtfulness. For me, this strain walked a tough and fine line between sleepy couchlock and uplifting sativa that made this strain less than ideal for some functions, yet it was still an all-around enjoyable general cannabis experience.


Taste and Aroma

Taste and aroma is where Blue Zkittlez shines most brightly. A bold, permeating, slightly sour, but also very sweet fruity aroma, hits the nose first, followed by a subtle piney undertone. The aroma is enticing and invigorating and may lead you to overindulge if you follow your nose so proceed with caution, this strain is powerful.

The smoke is thick and the taste is as bold as the smell, with a sweet candy note first on the front of the tongue, followed by an earthy soil undertone that provides a nice contrast to the sweetness. The taste itself is uplifting and invigorating, and once again, will invite you to smoke more.


The effects kick in fast, within a few moments, beginning as a sativa-leaning cerebral buzz with decent focus and functionality. This first effect is mellow yet functional and mildly energetic, not unlike Blue Dream. Before long, though, the effects settle into the body for a more typically indica experience, including couchlock and appetite stimulation. While I don’t have any information on the THC content, this seems like a fairly potent strain.  

blue zkittlez strain indica sativa hybrid Goddess delivers

The contrast between sativa and indica properties makes for an interesting and engaging cannabis experience, but it loses points when it comes to adaptability and functional use. The lazy indica finish means it’s not ideal for early in the day, and the initial sativa jolt means there are also better strains for nighttime use. This strain is potent and delicious, and is a relaxing yet multifaceted choice for recreational use on a day off. I’m just not sure where this strain would land when it comes to medicinal benefits – other than stress and appetite issues.    

This is not to say that Blue Zkittlez isn’t a great strain that many would enjoy. Just that those looking for cannabis for medicinal benefits or other specific functions would likely be able to find another strain that caters more specifically to their individual needs. The effects of Blue Zkittlez offer sort of a sampler of what cannabis in general has to offer. For a lot of users, this would be best as a recreational strain – but a potent and delicious one for sure.

Blue Zkittlez is currently available from the Goddess Delivers delivery service, which ships to virtually anywhere in California.