As popular as bath bombs have become in recent years, it was only a matter of time until someone infused them with cannabis. To understand exactly what cannabis bath bombs will and won’t do for you, it’s important to understand the nature of topical cannabis in general. The first thing to understand is that topical cannabis is non-psychoactive. Don’t expect to get baked from using topical cannabis, including bath bombs. Of course, this makes topicals a great way to enjoy some of the health benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects – including for people who don’t like smoking, have never smoked, or who might be worried about drug tests for work. Experts have said that most topical cannabis products are extremely unlikely to cause a user to fail a THC drug test.


Benefits of Cannabis Bath Bombs

So, what are some of these benefits? And, what can a cannabis bath bomb potentially do for you?
While there have been no studies yet on the efficacy of bath bombs specifically, anecdotal evidence suggests they are effective in a number of ways, and since ultimately, bath bombs are just a particularly relaxing and colorful way to apply topical cannabis, many of those benefits are shared with other topicals.

Cannabis applied topically offers an array of skin care benefits, hence the recent explosion of cannabis-based topicals and face masks. One of these skin care benefits is that topicals can combat wrinkles and sun damage with antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Thanks to their role in the body’s response to pain, cannabinoid receptors are found in our skin, allowing the body’s internal endocannabinoids to respond to damage and irritation. This is also what helps cannabis products work topically.

Photo by: Paul Velasco/ Getty Images

Photo by: Paul Velasco/ Getty Images

Antioxidant properties help mitigate damage to the skin from the “free radicals” found in UV rays, smoke, and air pollution. This damage can cause your skin to appear older, and in time can even lead to skin cancer. Cannabis topicals, including bath bombs, are one way to fight this process. Anti-inflammatory properties can fight the swelling and puffy appearance of tired skin, and can even treat conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Any cannabis topical that contains hempseed oil will also impart the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. These aid in moisturizing dry skin, and can help THC do even more to protect against sun damage and skin cancer.

The benefits of cannabis bath bombs can also extend to pain relief. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can be the perfect addition to a bath bomb for pain related to inflammation such as arthritis. Cannabis topicals in general are a great way to treat menstrual cramps, and a bath bomb or soak is the perfect way to apply cannabis to this end. And finally, a cannabis bath bomb is the perfect thing for sore muscles after a long day of physically demanding labor or working out. Think of them as super-charged Epsom salts, especially since many both bombs also include essential oils that are great for both skin care and sore muscles – as well as everything from migraines to insomnia. And, if you happen to have also enjoyed cannabis in one of its psychoactive forms prior to using a bath bomb, you’ll likely find all the colorful fizziness of the bombs pretty mesmerizing.