Confidential Cheese is an indica strain, the progeny of LA Confidential and Cheese - a strain well-known for its unique aroma. Both these strains are well-loved and highly sought after. However, does Confidential Cheese retain the trademark sour cheese flavor profile of its ancestry? And, how about the low-key, easy going and adaptable indica effects of LA Confidential?

While many strains have histories shrouded in a mixture of legend and confusion, Cheese (a mixture of Skunk #1 and Afghani) offers fans a distinctive story with roots in the UK rave culture of the late 80s and 90s.

Background Strain History

The famous Skunk #1 was bred by Sam the Skunkman, who moved to the Netherlands in the mid-1980s from California. His Skunk strain was well-received there thanks to its generous yields and quick flowering period, but growers complained that the overpowering aroma was attracting unwanted attention. This skunky aroma was thought to have been bred out of the strain by the end of the decade, for this reason. But one bag of Sensi Seeds Skunk #1, in South East England in 1988, yielded plants with a telltale sour aroma. Clones made their way into the UK underground community, at its zenith at the time, and into the hands of the Exodus Collective, a DIY community that was at the heart of the bourgeoning UK rave scene. Seeds were distributed to both members and visitors, and thus Cheese was already well on its way to becoming a household name in UK cannabis circles.

This “UK Cheese” would become one of the most famous strains in the world by the 2000s, and today it has moved beyond its English roots to become a world class strain that can be found anywhere great cannabis is available. Above all, of course, the strain is known for its unique cheese aroma, which sets it apart from the sweet, piney, and citrusy flavor profiles commonly found in most other strains. Later on, growers bred Afghani indica genetics into Cheese, pushing it further onto the indica side of the cannabis spectrum. Today it is known for a relaxing yet blissful body high.

UK Cheese strain

In the case of Confidential Cheese, the strain leans even further into indica territory thanks to the LA Confidential genetics. LA Confidential is a forgiving and easy to love strain, both in terms of its sweet and mild flavor profile and its effects which seem to adapt to whatever you’re hoping to get out of the strain.



Along with the legendary Cheese characteristics, this seems like a recipe for a strain that would be hard not to like. The first thing I notice from this batch of Confidential Cheese is that the buds have barely any aroma at all coming out of the bag. Obviously, this was not what I was expecting. This likely has little to do with the strain’s genetics, and everything to do with how this batch of flower was stored, and for how long, before it got to me. No one likes stale flower, but it tends to stay effective for a long while after the aroma fades, so I don’t give up hope yet – and once I grind up the buds, my nose immediately detects the scent. It’s sour, but without much sweetness or fruitiness. It’s pungent, but in a way, that is much subtler and nuanced than the typical feline urine pungency of many sativa strains. In addition to a hint of clean lemon citrus, there is indeed a mild cheese aroma – not so much like stinky cheese, but more along the lines of the kind of sweet, milder cheese that would pair nicely with fruit, like a mild gouda or gruyere.


Looks and Effect

Visually, the small buds are a bright olive green with a light dusting of crystals and orange hairs. Nothing particularly stands about the appearance of this stuff. The effect comes on pretty slowly, but also gradually, distinct from the “creeper” indicas which hit all at once ten minutes later. It’s more like a gentle ascent, and once the effects do take hold fully, they are surprisingly subtle. The strain is as mellow as its indica roots suggest, but with a noticeable sense of happiness and mood elevation alongside the mild sedation. It doesn’t hit you over the head with powerful, knock-out effects, but instead, leaves you both relaxed and functional. At least for experienced cannabis fans, this won’t be putting you to sleep; instead, it’s a way to experience relaxing and calming indica effects in a package that won’t bring your day to a screeching, couchlocked halt.

For those who look for as much raw, THC-fueled power as possible in their strains, this might not be the best choice. Confidential Cheese is a milder option for those who want an adaptable yet relaxing effect that will leave them functional and reasonably alert. Plus, the distinctive aroma from its Cheese genetics is something every cannabis fan should experience at least once.