Doctor Tahoe is an indica-leaning hybrid, with genetics from two strains in the popular OG family, Tahoe OG and the lesser known Doc’s OG. The result of this blend is a relaxing and mellow strain without the heavy-hitting sleepiness and couchlock of heavier indicas. With these traits, and a familiar mild piney and sour lemon aroma, the strain is a great example of what people love about the OG Kush family of strains.

One of its parents, Tahoe OG, is on the heavier indica side of the OG spectrum, favored for pain and sleep or appetite problems. Despite its low potential for anxiety and paranoia, it carries a slight sativa mood-lift as well. The rest of Doctor Tahoe’s genetics come from Doc’s OG, a strain that is slight harder to come by. Like Tahoe OG, it is largely indica leaning, and this earthy strain is known for its strong, creeping, body effect, and is ideal for pain relief and appetite issues.

Available from The Goddess Delivers, this batch is greenhouse grown, and tested at 18.54 percent THC, with minimal amounts of CBD, CBC, and CBG.

The Doctor Tahoe buds display a range of colors speckled throughout the thick density buds. Olive green dominates, interspersed with warm orange hairs and golden-looking trichomes. A bluer hue of mint green highlights the warmer colors that dominate the buds.

The aroma after first opening the jar, walks the line between subtly piney and sour lemon notes. It is a clean and smooth scent that is a distinctive hallmark of the OG Kush family. Without any trace of the borderline repellant skunkiness or diesel odors that distinguish many potent strains, the OG family has made a name for itself partially based on this trademark aroma.

Doctor Tahoe Strain Hybrid

With mysterious origins, OG Kush has become a west coast favorite, especially in California. If this piney and lemony scent is indicative of the presence of the terpenes limonene and pinene, it could partially account for the relatively uplifting and alert effects that even indica-leaning OG strains are often known for. The origins of the strain have been lost in time, and there is no real consensus, but Leafly cites one popular explanation that says the strain descended from Chemdawg and Hindu Kush, before making its way to California from Florida, via Colorado.

Strains such as Tahoe OG,  SFV OG Kush, and Larry OG, are actually different phenotypes of OG Kush itself. The family has come to dominate a significant chunk of the market for mellow, indica-leaning hybrids. Smoking Doctor Tahoe, it’s easy to see why. The taste is fresh, slightly chemmy on the inhale, with bold, earthy, and nutty dimensions on the exhale. The overall impression is clean, smooth, and easy to love.

In terms of effect, Doctor Tahoe, or at least this batch, is not the strongest, which lines up with the 18 percent THC content. These levels are certainly not extremely low, but the don't stand out in a world where some strains push 30 percent and above. Quantitatively, I need to consume a bit more than I usually do to get the same level of effect. However, qualitatively this strain offers a nice, easygoing buzz with just a slight hint of sativa euphoria on top of a whole lot of relaxation. Despite the bulk of the effect consisting of classic indica traits, the sleepiness and heavy couchlock associated with these strains is noticeably absent. This is a way for fans of indica leaning and down-the-middle hybrids to enjoy a relaxing strain while easily staying awake. Conversely, it’s a way for indica fanatics to enjoy a slightly more upbeat experience. Well-rounded and approachable, this is a great strain for novices and more experienced smokers alike, who aren’t looking for a super heavy hitter.