Eazeup.com is a cannabis delivery service, based in San Francisco but now serving much of the central and Southern California coast, including Los Angeles and San Diego. The Eaze model is based on something along the lines of the “Uber” model – aiming for a twenty minute or less delivery time. As an East-coaster, it feels a bit perverse to be criticizing Eaze for anything short of a totally failed delivery. However, for the sake of the Californians reading, who are a bit more used to this level of convenience and are trying to make a choice of (all fundamentally amazing to me) services – I will be making sure to not let them slide as much as I am tempted to.

For example – my first delivery, and first purchase ever as a California medical patient, actually took about 2 hours. Luckily, Eaze informs you of a countdown time before you place the order, and it is usually quite accurate, so I knew exactly what I was getting into before placing the order. Furthermore, my delivery driver immediately texted me to make sure the two hour wait time was ok. As impatient as I felt at this point in the process, I was able to spend time getting other things done, which of course freed me up to spend time testing the product later that night. When my delivery arrived, after a further confirmation text, my driver was as polite and friendly as I would have hoped. On top of the blue, sealed Eaze bag, my flower arrived in a notably discreet white paper bag – worth noting if that is a concern for some patients.

Eaze is constantly expanding its service range, and apparently is increasing in popularity. That first night that I ordered it seems likely I caught Eaze in a moment of catching up to its own volume of business. Since then each time I’ve ordered, (probably about ten more times) it has arrived in under 20-30 minutes. Sometimes they have been as fast as only 10 minutes – making this East-coaster marvel in awe at humanity’s seemingly endless capacity for progress towards a utopian society.


Price and selection

Eaze selection will vary greatly from day to day and depends as well on location. Reliably though, Eaze selection covers the basics of having something for everyone – with a few caveats. There are generally eight to twelve strains of flower. A majority are normally hybrid strains, often with a few Sativas thrown in and perhaps, one full Indica. There are also always some edibles – most often a variety of Day Dreamers chocolates, at different times including Indica, Sativa, High CBD, and Black Diamond 720, with 720 milligrams of THC. There is usually an offering of more unusual edibles as well. At the time of writing, this includes Dixie 200 milligram THC lemonade, Badfish Firestorm THC infused jerky, and OG Diggs THC syrup. There are normally JUJU joints vaporizers with strains including Grape Ape and Blue Dream, as well as Chronic Essentials brand Extracted Cannabis Oil, for vaping or eating – available in Indica, Sativa, and CBD varieties. Sometimes the selection includes specialty products like CBD topical balm. Finally, there are often as many varieties of wax and shatter as there are flowers – also tending to lean towards Sativas and Hybrids, rather than full Indicas.  

Eaze Eazeup.com Marijuana review Delivery service California

One of the relatively few complaints I have about the Eaze service is the consistency of labeling on the site. For example, frequently I see strains labeled as Indica or Sativa, with that label contradicted just below in the description. I’ve seen strains labeled as Sativa on the menu, but the description might describe for instance, “a well-rounded hybrid.”  Sometimes this is a minor problem, solved by simply looking up the strain on Leafly or another cannabis reference site, but sometimes the strains are specific to Eaze’s local growers, and it has been impossible to determine the genetics. With medicinal cannabis, this can be a large problem. If a patient needs full Indica for Insomnia, and then ends up with a lively Sativa hybrid, results could be disastrous. An experience like that can turn a new patient off to cannabis entirely. This being said, however, when I contacted Eaze support to politely inform them of the mislabeling, they promptly responded in a couple hours, fixed the specific mislabeling I referenced, and sent me a ten-dollar credit.

Prices – at least regarding the flower – are a standard range, with prices having a pretty consistent bearing on quality. For example, the thirty-five dollar an eighth Girl Scout Cookies strain was waxy and tasted plant-like, with an aroma of chlorophyll and (fresh) dirt, and an uneven, short lasting effect. The fifty-dollar Vanilla Kush was tasty and effective, but had an odd texture and tended to burn too fast. It is a decent Indica for sleep but experienced smokers might need two to three bowls to get the desired effect. However, the flower in the fifty-five to sixty-five range was all sufficiently impressive in different ways.


A look at three strains from Eaze

For my first order I tried something of a sampler platter. This included a high THC Hybrid strain, called Chiquita Banana, a pure Indica by the name of Hindu Transcendence, and a Sativa dominant hybrid, called Supreme Dream. Both the Supreme Dream and the Chiquita Banana were part of Eaze’s Private Reserve line, both labeled on the site as PR, meaning that Eaze considers them especially worthwhile strains. The Supreme Dream was sixty-five an eighth, and the other two were sixty. The Chiquita Banana strain was probably my least favorite of the three. Bright green, almost bordering on yellow, with a whopping 28.2 percent THC, this was indeed one of the stronger strains I had ever tried in terms of brute strength. However, I felt something was missing on a qualitative level – it didn’t have either a deep stony body effect or a stimulating mental buzz. Not particularly thoughtful, giggly, or sedative, the effect had a nervous edge to it, although not one I would say veered too close to paranoia or anxiety. It simply left me not quite able to settle in at the end of the day. This could be totally acceptable, but Chiquita Banana also lacked the sense of cerebral stimulation one might want from a daytime strain – which meant it didn’t fit into what I wanted for either a daytime or a nighttime medicine. The taste and aroma were spot on that of runts or banana candy, which was pleasant. For some people, this strain’s effect might be interpreted as balanced and strong, but for me it felt generic and edgy. It might be worth a try for most patients for sheer strength, but was not my cup of tea.

Eaze Eazeup.com Marijuana THC California review strains

As a patient, I tend to find Indica strains to be the most reliably therapeutic – but I have a soft spot in my heart (or, perhaps, lungs) for a good daytime Sativa. Supreme Dream proved to be just that – a great A.M. strain, good for hiking and spending time outdoors, without some of the more unforgiving, racy, heart-pounding Sativa effects. It is a cross of Super Silver Haze and Blue Dream (apparently also going by the name Super Blue Dream), so the mellow balance of the Blue Dream really shines through, but is made even more cerebral by the Haze parentage. This strain proved itself to be mind-bending and mildly psychedelic, tending to lead me on deep, yet productive and fairly calm, spirals of thought. I would recommend this strain to someone looking to think through a problem in their life, or internally resolve a past issue. This sort of effect can veer into the overthinking, paranoid sort of high, but in this case remained mellow – perfect for patients dealing with depression or trauma. The smell was rich and sweet, reminding me of fresh blueberry cream cheese (maybe having something to do with my time spent working at a bakery).

Lastly, the Hindu Transcendence was my personal favorite of this first order. As a pure Indica, this type of strain is directly in my therapeutic comfort zone, for anxiety and insomnia. With a mint green hue that borders on light purple, and a sweeter, simpler taste than the rest, it reminds me of Northern Lights #5 – perhaps a sign that it similarly shares some Hindu Kush parentage as the name implies. The notion of “body high” versus “head high” never really spoke to what I felt differentiated Sativa and Indica effects. One day, a friend described it to me differently – a Sativa, they said, increases awareness of what’s happening internally, in one’s mind. An Indica, on the other hand, raises awareness and mindfulness regarding one’s environment – textures, temperatures and the like. While this is perhaps not true as an across-the-board generalization, it spoke to my experience, and also speaks to the effects of Hindu Transcendence. This was a tingly, numbing, body effect that sank me deep into my chair and put me into a meditative and aware mindset. It was not a knockout sleep-Indica, but rather the perfect strain for the hours before bed. It didn’t pass me out immediately, but rather had a relaxing effect and caused no anxiety. I found it easy to smoke more than I intended to with this strain, not because it was weak at all, but because the THC level was moderate (just under 20 percent) and the qualitative effects were just more pleasant and easygoing than other strains.

Eaze Eazeup.com delivery cannabis THC marijuana

Eaze is not perfect. But with their stated goal being 20 minute deliveries, it’s hard to hold the imperfections against them – especially since the quality of the product is never a significant disappointment. However, because of the lack of human interaction, and the sketchy labeling, I would recommend Eaze mostly for experienced customers who know where to look for information about strains, and have a good idea of what they are looking for. Beginners would certainly benefit from the accuracy, reliability, and information of actually going to a dispensary. Furthermore, there are some kinks for Eaze to work out in terms of consistency of service. For an experienced user of cannabis however, the convenience is undeniable – especially one who is used to the East coast standard for such things.