The award-winning Ghost OG is a somewhat stoney, slightly indica-leaning OG known for a nice balance between both the indica and sativa elements. Much of what people love about Ghost OG overlaps with the appeal of other classic OG Kush strains, but it has some other special features and distinguishing characteristics as well.

As with the other OG Kush varieties with which it shares genetics, the origins of Ghost OG are shrouded in mystery, despite the OG family’s dominance of the west coast cannabis market. Most often, you will hear that this group of strains descended from Chemdawg and Hindu Kush, but with roots back in the early 90s, it’s unlikely we’ll ever be certain about the genetic origins of the ultra-popular OG family.

All strains within the OG family share certain similarities - a clean, citrusy aroma and a nice balance between cerebral and body effects - but there are big differences among the family members too. While some of these strains are distinctly indica-leaning, others feel more like true hybrids. According to Leafly, Ghost OG is known for being “simultaneously potent and non-intrusive.” I was interested to test this assessment, and in turn try another member of the OG family that provides a different take on the classic clean aroma and well-balanced nature of OG strains.

The particular indoor grown batch of Ghost OG I acquired was from the Goddess Delivers delivery service, which now offers same-day delivery in Los Angeles, as well as next-day delivery to the rest of California. 

The Look

The first thing I notice about Ghost OG is the hypnotizing visual impression of the large, round buds. The layered exterior is stacked with alternating pine green leaves, auburn hairs, and vaguely purple calyxes coated in a dense layer of crystals. It’s pretty clear from the first visual inspection that this is going to be a powerful strain.

Smell and Taste

Ghost OG

The aroma definitely supports this theory. It has the clean, fresh, lemonade scent that is common to OG strains, but with a deeper, woody, earthy dimension reminiscent of the smell walking into an old dilapidated cabin that has been largely reclaimed by nature. The combination of the clean and stimulating lemon scent with the dank, almost musky earthy tone suggests the balance between sativa and indica traits that I’ve been told to expect from the strain.

The taste of the rich, thick smoke is a bit less nuanced, with more of an overall sour lime impression and a sweet finish. The aftertaste hints at the earthiness first noticed in the scent.

The Effects

The experience of Ghost OG is as nuanced as the aromas suggest. As with many hybrids, this strain combines a calming influence with an upbeat mood lift, leaving you mellow but smiling and generally awake – although for newer users the sheer strength of this strain may tip the balance towards indica sedation. For more experienced users, this is a perfect strain for those looking for potency that won’t totally obliterate your ability to function normally. Try this strain for hiking or camping.

This one is also an appetite stimulator, more so than many other strains that occupy such a balanced middle ground on the cannabis spectrum. Try this for sparking an appetite without the need for a super-heavy and sedating indica experience. This is also a great choice for stress, pain, and depression.

As with other OG strains, overall, Ghost OG presents a middle ground choice that leans toward relaxation and stress reduction. But a slim, almost easy to miss, sativa element can also bring mood lift and laughter to those sorely in need, while preserving a modicum of functionality.

If none of that sells you on Ghost OG, the sheer THC power is another great reason to keep an eye out for this distinctive OG strain.