For those who have read a few of my articles, they might notice a pattern. I’m always describing the indicas I like as “not quite knockout” or as “an early evening strain.” I’m always on the lookout for that blowout heavy indica that should only be consumed within an hour of bedtime, with no tasks left to accomplish – and as many great indicas as I’ve found, I’ve had some trouble finding this personal holy grail indica. My overall tolerance is not super high these days, but perhaps I have a high tolerance for certain terpenes and their effects which lead to sleep for most people. Perhaps my insomnia is simply hard to treat – to be fair, valerian, melatonin and other natural sleep cures also seem to leave me awake most of the time. I was getting to a point where I thought perhaps it’s just the same story with cannabis. Maybe my insomnia is just like the bear who’s too big to be taken down by the tranquilizer dart and then just eats the hunter anyway. 

Kosher Kush indica THC marijuana strain review Canna Cruz

Then I discovered Kosher Kush. Kosher Kush is not only a pure indica, at Canna Cruz dispensary in Santa Cruz, theirs clocked in at a mind boggling 32.6 percent THC.  It has almost 5 percent more THC than the highest percentage strain I’ve ever encountered. When I first started seeing 27 percent strains I was pretty amazed, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Kosher Kush’s effects felt like a whole new level of cannabis. They actually didn’t use the percentage as a selling point, so I only found out the percentage after two hits almost entirely knocked me out, and I looked it up on Canna Cruz’s website. Only then did I realize this was nearly twice as strong as a lot of halfway decent mid-range strains.

But for me, the magic of Kosher Kush was not just in the THC percentage. If this were true I could get the same desired sedative effects by simply using more of a more standard strain, and this was clearly not the case. The difference was qualitative, not just quantitative. The almost overwhelming nature of the effects remains calm and positive throughout. Instead of an edgy mental fog accompanying the sedative effects, there is a relatively clear headed sense of bliss, along with an initial body melting sensation. It is difficult to imagine a better set of characteristics for a sleep solution. The full body nature of Kosher Kush also makes it a great pain relief strain – although perhaps one best left for later in the day. Though spacey, the fact that the sedation is accompanied by a definite mood lift is what makes Kosher Kush so ideal for sleep. Not to mention, of course, the sheer strength of the strain. 

Photo by: lifewithmizlulu

Photo by: lifewithmizlulu

Aesthetically, Kosher Kush lives up to its game changing effects. I opened the jar and could immediately smell that I was stepping up into an entirely new level of cannabis experience. It’s almost a bit overwhelming to your sinuses at first, in a wasabi kind of way. The vibrant aroma is reminiscent of sour tropical fruit, sort of like a pleasantly unripe kiwi, or maybe sour pineapple. Upon combustion, it takes on more of an earthy and pungent dimension – a taste that will stick around in your mouth for minutes after consumption, with a piney finish. The first hit or vape of this is one of the most satisfying tastes I’ve encountered in the world of cannabis.

Visually, these buds are equally striking. Tiny orange hairs poke out between more shades of green than I think I’ve ever seen in one strain of cannabis before – minty, leafy, deep piney greens, all with a dense, firm, waxy texture. All this is dusted with snowy bright white trichromes. If it sounds like a lot going on visually for one bud, that’s because it is.

It's probably worth mentioning that the two hit, heavy hitting power of Kosher Kush is not ideal for beginners – and I don’t say that about every good strain I encounter. I shudder to imagine what three heavy unaware tokes would do to someone with zero tolerance – most likely just have them asleep within 15 minutes though. And that’s really the key for me – “overdoing it” with Kosher Kush did not leave me anxious with a racing heart – it left me spaced out and ready for bed. Plenty of “heavy indicas” I’ve tried just don’t live up to this description – and it’s exactly what I had been searching for.

Mine came from Canna Cruz dispensary in Santa Cruz California, but Kosher Kush is a strain that originates in L.A. Check to find out where you can get it near you.