Master Kush is an old-school indica with traits that haven’t drifted very far from either of its indica landrace parents.

As with the rest of the Kush family, Master Kush traces its roots back to two strains from the Hindu Kush region. In fact, this strain hasn’t strayed genetically far from these roots, since both of its parents are landrace strains from this part of the world. The effects of the strain are considered to be an exemplary hallmark of the Kush strains - and indica more generally - with a predominant body effect that is great for relieving anxiety, insomnia, and pain. However, Master Kush is said to leave the mind somewhat clearer than other heavy indicas, including the rest of the Kush family.

In an era in which actual landrace strains are fairly hard to come by, Master Kush offers a way for modern patients and consumers to experience genetics that trace back to the origins of all indica strains, the Kush family, and as some researchers have suggested, cannabis in general. But, how does Master Kush compare to the more deeply crossbred modern strains that are commonly found in dispensaries today?


master kush indica strain charas

The buds are extremely dense, as you would expect from any full indica strain, and the nugs of this particular batch of Master Kush are fairly small in size. The tightly packed, durable green buds are coated with equally tightly woven layers of orange hairs and sugary white crystals.  The overall visual impression is split equally between a classic green hue and a familiar and warm burnt orange, both of which dim slightly behind a layer of fuzzy crystals. The density is confirmed when the buds are ground up, yielding more than you might expect from each one.


Smell and Taste

Right away, the scent of Master Kush will grab your attention. Aromatic, with lemon citrus notes and a strong hashy element, the strain’s scent places it in a spectrum of aromas common to indica strains, but also sets it apart.

As others have pointed out, the earthy yet aromatic taste of Master Kush recalls the aroma of the hand-made “charas” style hash that is native to the Hindu Kush region. This makes sense, since Master Kush is likely quite similar genetically to the plants used to produce the charas hash that’s been a staple product of the region for thousands of years. The aroma of Master Kush would probably seem quite familiar to people there who still depend on charas for a source of income today. 


The Effects

The effect comes on somewhat gradually, eventually creeping up to a tranquil peak of heavy, melty body sensations. The head effects are more muted, and there is less of the intense sleepiness that comes with some indica strains. This strikes me as a better strain for alleviating pain and anxiety than for inducing sleep. It lulls you into something of a dreamy haze, but it doesn’t seem likely to knock you out entirely.  A bit less sedation, and a bit more numbing, this strain is the perfect example of an indica painkiller. It could also be a great option for those looking for a more social indica strain.

But be warned – as with any heavy hitting and sedating strain, these effects will be much more pronounced for new users with low tolerance. If you’re new to cannabis, this will probably be a heavily sedating strain. In this case, stick to low doses, and don’t expect to get much done after consuming Master Kush.

If you haven’t had the chance to try charas, (which does occasionally make an appearance in California dispensaries) Master Kush is a great way to experience an effect similar to one of the world’s oldest cannabis products. It is also simply a great indica choice to treat pain and anxiety while retaining some degree of functionality.