LA Confidential is a renowned, award-winning strain with roots in the early 2000s. It has won several awards, including best indica at the 2004 Cannabis Cup and the 2006 High Times strain of the year. The strain offers a pure indica heritage with an Afghani landrace indica strain on side, and OG LA Affie on the other. OG LA Affie is itself developed from a Pakistani indica landrace alongside other strains. As you might expect, LA Confidential packs a familiar indica punch. But on top of that, it offers some thought-provoking, cerebral effects, often described as mildly psychedelic. In this case, we reviewed POP Natural’s pre-filled vape cartridge with CO2 oil from LA Confidential.

POP Naturals Vaporizer cartrdige LA Confidential

LA Confidential has been a central focus for cannabis research. It was one of the first strains to have its whole genome sequenced, by Medicinal Genomics Laboratories. Researchers looked for genetic markers to determine what properties are offered by specific lineages. Thanks in part to the extensive research on the strain, it has been embraced within the medical community. The strain is said to greatly reduce symptoms associated with autism, gaining the attention of organizations such as the Unconventional Foundation for Autism.

POP Naturals cartridge does justice to the highly sought-after strain. As usual, POP Naturals hash oil bears more resemblance to hash and other concentrates you might actually smoke or dab than to the thinner e-liquid-like oil found in many cartridges. Solvent free and made with a process using only CO2, the thick, almost waxy concentrate sometimes gets stuck in the top of the cartridge, but warm it up slightly (in the sun, for example) and it will drop to the bottom where you want it to be. The low viscosity is a small price to pay for natural cannabis taste. It’s really the next best thing to dabbing.

Their cartridges, made from metal and glass instead of the ubiquitous plastic, really allow their LA Confidential oil to shine. As with all POP Naturals cartridges, the taste comes through clear and strong. In this case, it allows the multifaceted taste of the strain to stand out. First, a spicy earthiness rolls across the tongue with the thick vapor, like a strong chai tea or a redwood forest on a hot summer day, with piney accents. The mouth feel is luxurious and almost creamy. Finally, the taste goes out on a sweet and more typically indica note, leaving behind an aftertaste that makes you want to come back for more.

Thanks to POP Naturals lab testing of each batch of oil, available on their website, we can see the basis for these aromas in the oil’s terpene profile. Like many indica strains, the terpene myrcene, found in mango, makes up a large portion of the oil’s terpene content. This probably accounts for the sweet, classically indica, aftertaste. However, the next most plentiful terpene is terpinolene, a somewhat less common terpene found in plants such as nutmeg, tea tree, and coniferous pines, among others. Still being researched, the potential medical benefits of terpinolene include anti-cancer, antioxidant, antibacterial, and sedative properties. More often than not this terpene is found in sativa strains, making LA Confidential a great opportunity to get these benefits from an indica strain. Finally, caryophyllene offers the spicy element, a terpene found in black pepper and cloves.

POP Naturals cartridges vaporizers LA Confidential

The effects are a mixed bag. Setting in quickly, it begins with a sativa-like twist on your normal thought patterns, which many users have described as mildly psychedelic. Unlike most sativas, however, there are few if any physical signs of stimulation like jolts of energy or noticeably rapid heartbeat. Over time, this mellows into a body-based indica effect with all that you might expect – sedation, a hint of couchlock, and relaxation. Finally, sleepiness sets in with larger doses, making this a great remedy for insomnia. LA Confidential is also known for a significant boost in appetite.

Ultimately, LA Confidential is a well-rounded, multi-faceted strain that leans gently towards indica sedation. With its distinct flavor, this is a must try strain for those looking to expand their horizons when it comes to taste and aroma. POP Naturals provides a great way to experience this with a pre-filled vape cartridge, allowing the nuanced taste and effect of LA Confidential to really shine through.