A good pure indica strain can sometimes be a bit hard to find. Without some sativa genetics infused, pure indicas can tend to yield less for growers as the plants are generally shorter and smaller. For patients who are looking for relaxation and to treat insomnia, this can be frustrating. Some breeders have successfully bred higher yielding hybrids that retain these indica properties,  but to truly avoid any sense of sativa stimulation, a pure indica is the best choice.

 For me, Purple Cadillac is a truly therapeutic strain. A deep, stoney, full indica -  with almost none of the racey mental buzz familiar in sativas and most hybrids. While I can enjoy a cerebral sativa buzz, it's an experience I’m not necessarily looking for on a daily basis. The functionality of pure indicas, coupled with their ability to curb anxiety and insomnia, means that as far as my medical use is concerned, I am firmly an indica man. In fact, Purple Cadillac was an influential strain in helping me figure this out. With my bias declared, I'll move on to my experience with Purple Cadillac. 

First impressions are pretty striking – this is one of the more truly purple strains to carry the name that I have encountered. Not like the dark violet of some hybrid purple strains, and not the minty green/lavender of some Hindu Kush strains, Purple Cadillac is a frosty medium purple, covered in crystals and muted orange hairs. The texture is leafy and dense, and I did have some trouble breaking pieces off without some of the central stem attached. 

The taste and aroma is where Purple Cadillac really begins to shine. Opening the bag and breaking one of the pinky-length buds in half, I smell a floral lavender scent, a sweet fruitiness that is vaguely grape-like, with herbal accents reminiscent of fennel and Tibetan incense like Nag Champa. The taste of the thick smoke itself is a bit more in a light woody and plant-like direction, but still aromatic like perfume. 

Purple Cadillac Indica strain review marijuana THC

Purple Cadillac is also quite impressive in terms of effect. For one thing, unlike many pure indicas, and especially purple strains, Purple Cadillac clocks in at a hefty 24.7 percent THC. Since the super high THC strains are often sativas or hybrids, those who seek pure indica effects often have to settle for quantitatively weaker strains. There is no such compromise with Purple Cadillac. A little goes a long way towards the desired indica relaxation.

Qualitatively, Purple Cadillac is everything you might want from such a strain. Like many indicas, the effects take as long as ten to twenty minutes to blossom into their full potential, so novice smokers may want to proceed slower than usual. It could most definitely be described as a “creeper”.  Once fully in effect, Purple Cadillac is relaxing, meditative, and somewhat numbing . Personally, I felt it accomplished these effects without a whole lot of heavy, dragging “couchlock”, but it’s worth noting that I tend more towards excessive stimulation and edginess from the wrong choice of strains, rather than excessive sedation. I felt relaxed, but not truly sedated – while Purple Cadillac would never stand in the way of sleep the way some sativa strains might, it didn’t knock me out either. While not uplifting like a sativa, this makes it an ideal afternoon or evening pain and stress reliever - a relaxing, perfect indica to take on a hike or a road trip – promoting an overall sense of physical wellness.  Purple Cadillac, like many indicas, does have the potential to stimulate appetite. For me this aspect was heavily dose dependent.

If you have a tendency toward anxiety from hybrids and sativas, but want to avoid the heavy sedation of sleepier indica strains, Purple Cadillac is a good way to go. The effects are fairly long lasting, and clear headed. This makes it a relatively functional and medicinal strain overall – an ideal indica for treating pain, stress, depression, insomnia and appetite issues.  

My Purple Cadillac came from Santa Cruz Mountain Farms through Eazeup.com’s delivery service.