Everything about Purple Cotton, also called Purple Cotton Candy, falls squarely into my indica comfort zone. With the all-star Granddaddy Purple as one of its parents, its hard to imagine how Purple Cotton could stray too far from GDPs widely-loved legacy. However, there is an element of the unknown with its other parent, Cotton Candy Kush.

Nonetheless, these days when I see truly purple buds, as long as the strain is on the indica side of the spectrum (there are the rare purple sativas out there), I feel instantly certain I have found the strain to bring home that day. As popular as purple strains are, even the larger dispensaries cannot always be counted on to offer some at any given time. So it
s still a rare treat to try a new one.

There is no question that part of this popularity is visual appeal, in the same way that visuals can change the perceived taste of food. Ever try to eat a sandwich in the dark? It
s not the same.

Objectively, the Granddaddy Purple batches that are greener probably offer the exact same qualities I love about the purple ones, but something still feels like it
s missing. Even the truly purple-colored batches of Granddaddy Purple are usually mostly green tinged with a lighter lavender sheen.

Purple Cotton is different. There is quite a bit of dark basil-green on these dense and chunky buds and even more of deep, rust orange in a thick and knotty layer of hairs over the top. But the purple elements on the buds are a deep, mesmerizing violet rather than the lighter and more commonly seen lavender tone.

The aroma is pretty much what you would expect. It
s a real mix of classically purple aromas, chiefly sweet grape and lavender but with hints of rich berry and a slightly spicy, herbal background component. On the inhale, there is, perhaps, a subtle hint of rich, sweet cotton candy but the power of suggestion is a mighty thing.

Purple Cotton Candy Hybrid Indica

As noted, Purple Cotton is a hybrid. How do its effects stack up to its parent strains?

Granddaddy Purple, of course, is a hugely popular indica strain, emblematic of what to expect from the far indica end of the spectrum. This means a relaxing, body-centric, outwardly-focused effect with a minimum of the anxiety and paranoia that result from the racing, introspective thoughts of harsher sativas. It is great for sleep, appetite, and pain.

Cotton Candy Kush is a less ubiquitous hybrid strain with a down the middle split between its own indica and sativa parents. As a result Cotton Candy Kush could have more sativa properties than its Granddaddy Purple parent.

Shortly after consuming, it becomes clear that Purple Cotton is a true creeper. I was sitting listening to music for a solid 15 minutes (after vaping) before I felt anything serious. Before long, however, I was melting into the couch, relaxed, easygoing, and seriously involved in subtle nuances of the music. During the first hour, I wasn
t particularly sleepy, but within a couple of hours I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. So while its not an instant knockout, this is, like Granddaddy Purple, a great strain for insomnia. But what is present from the beginning are body sensations akin to stepping into a hot bath and just as relaxing for both tired muscles and a tired mind.

As far as any sativa elements, they mostly disappear under a thick blanket of restful indica body relaxation. But I found it to be a slightly clearer-headed effect than Granddaddy Purple. Along with the music-enhancing properties, the effect of visuals, like interesting cinematography or just a full moon on a clear night, seemed enhanced as well. This is a great strain for planting yourself in a comfy seat and staying there for awhile.  It might be a great strain for watching a movie if you can make it until the end, whereas some heavier indicas might knock you out during opening trailers.

This is certainly a strain with minimal paranoia and anxiety, but get ready for some serious dry mouth followed by a powerful appetite. It
s best to be prepared for both with water and maybe some food that you wont feel too bad about eating several servings of.

In addition to being a great, mellow strain for just about everyone, strains like Purple Cotton serve a great medicinal function for treating pain and inflammation, as well as insomnia.

At the end of the day, as expected, the strain offers all the things I love about the purple branch of the indica family tree. I have yet to be disappointed by a strain in this illustrious dynasty of cannabis.