Purple Punch is a heavy hitting, yet also forgiving and versatile, evening strain that brings together indica classic Granddaddy Purple with a southern Californian OG hybrid favorite, Larry OG. While the strain qualifies as a somewhat heavy indica experience, it also offers an element of cerebral, functional effect, making it somewhat more nuanced than the super-heavy, couchlock inducing indica strains. Though it will be preferred by indica lovers for its sedating effects and its ability to combat insomnia, its versatility makes it appropriate for early evening, instead of just right before bed.

Visually, Purple Punch is a memorable strain. Trichome heavy, crystal covered mint-green leaves sit on top of a light-purple, lavender color that sets the strain apart from the standard green, as well as from darker purple strains. Pumpkin colored hairs add a warm element that helps the lavender and violet colors really pop out.

Photo by: Buddy's Cannabis

Photo by: Buddy's Cannabis

With a complex terpene profile featuring substantial amounts of pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene, Purple Punch stands out from typical indica strains when it comes to aroma and taste. The limonene and pinene impart a tart element to an overall grape/berry aroma. A clean, lightly minty smell accompanies the more typical fruit aromas, a terpene profile seemingly inherited from Larry OG, a favorite strain from the much loved “Ocean Grown” family. In terms of actual taste once smoked, Purple Punch offers a satisfyingly tart yet sweet berry aroma, simpler and more straightforward than the subtle and complex minty-accents of the of the initial smell.

Like many indica strains, such as its parent Granddaddy Purple, Purple Punch is favored by patients for treating stress, insomnia, pain, and nausea. It has also been found to be useful for addressing depression. Lab tests of some Purple Punch batches have shown about 22.5 percent THC content, a substantial percentage, though not overwhelming.

The effects of Purple Punch generally start in the head and work their way down into the body over a few hours, with a warm, comfortable, full-body indica effect reminiscent of its parent Granddaddy Purple. Relaxing, and ultimately sedating, Purple Punch is the perfect strain for after dinner, when you’re ready to start winding down from the day but not quite ready to go to bed immediately. Melting away stress and anxiety, this strain is ideal for relaxation, but will (at moderate doses) leave you functional enough for socializing or chores.

Purple Punch brings together the relaxing features of Granddaddy Purple, one of the most well-loved indica strains, with the easygoing effect and clean aroma of the OG family.