When it comes to a beer and strain pairing, summer is time for a refreshing and relaxing combination that allows you to enjoy the outdoors – something calming, but that won’t have you falling asleep on the beach and waking up with terrible sunburn. Maybe something good for stress, but also on the lighter side so you won’t blow off that hike you’ve been planning.

Photo by: Bud Genius

Photo by: Bud Genius

Redwood Kush

There’s no shortage of strains named after southern California – SFV (San Fernando Valley) OG, LA Confidential, LA OG, and many others. So I was excited to find a strain named after one of Northern California’s most well-loved features. Redwood Kush is a peaceful and relaxing indica strain for the point in your day when you can put work and errands completely out of your mind. Whether that means after dinner, right before bed, or before a hike really depends on how experienced of a smoker you are, and how sensitive you are to the sedating properties of a heavy indica. Despite being heavily sedating, though, Redwood Kush is not a super heavy-hitter when it comes to THC content, clocking in around 15 percent according to some sources. Instead, this strain is a great example of how cannabis can pack a punch from other terpenes and cannabinoids, without depending on the raw power of THC content alone.

With powerful sedative properties, yet an approachable THC content, this is a great strain for those susceptible to anxiety and paranoia from cannabis. It is also a great choice for beginners who want to explore what indica strains have to offer. The more thought-provoking and psychedelic components of THC are not always ideal for anxiety or sleep issues, and this strain is a great way to enjoy relaxing sedation without those more overpowering effects.

The strain also has much to offer when it comes to taste and aroma. One whiff of Redwood Kush and you can see where it got its name. The earthy, woody, herbal aromas immediately suggest the airy smell of a redwood forest on a hot and sunny summer day. Piney aromas blend with lighter herbal notes, and clean, almost grassy elements add a nice dimension to the senses.


Sierra Nevada’s Summerfest Lager

Sierra Nevad Summerfest Lager Pairing

For the beer aspect of the pairing, we went with another Northern California favorite – Sierra Nevada’s Summerfest Lager, made in Chico, California. A light, crisp, warm weather beer, Summerfest offers the perfect taste to let the effervescent herbal notes of the Redwood Kush really shine. With a malty sweetness reminiscent of fresh bread right out of the oven, a light hop aroma, and a lively level of carbonation, Summerfest is an extremely drinkable beer, light enough to quench thirst but bold enough to offer engaging flavors of its own. Furthermore, the Czech-style lager offers a relatively low alcohol content at just 5 percent, which allows it to combine with the sedative effects of the Redwood Kush without knocking you out entirely.


The Pairing

With its light and refreshing taste, the lager also pairs perfectly with food, which is great, since Redwood Kush will definitely stimulate your appetite. This is a perfect combo for grilling on the beach, or for a hike in the woods. If you stay active, you can avoid the potential for couchlock from the Kush, and let the combination relax you just enough to enjoy a carefree California summer day. The relatively low alcohol and THC content of this combo should alleviate stress and anxiety while allowing you to stay upright for a hike, a beach BBQ, or other outdoor fun in the daytime. If you want pure relaxation without going totally horizontal, this a perfect combination.