Superglue is a deceptively balanced hybrid strain with surprisingly heavy indica origins and a distinctive taste profile. This Superglue was ordered from Goddess Delivers delivery service, and in this case was an indoor batch from Funxional Farms. Delicious and well rounded, this strain is likely to appeal to almost any cannabis fan. With classic indica parents, Northern Lights and Afghani, Superglue is actually considered an indica dominant hybrid – and the effects reflect this designation. According to Leafly, it was originally bred by Amsterdam based Seedism Seeds.

The generously sized Superglue buds are a bright dayglo green reminiscent of Nickelodeon slime. Reddish orange hairs serve to help the green pop out even more boldly. The buds have a firm Styrofoam-like texture, and are not especially resinous, breaking up quickly and effortlessly in a grinder and leaving plentiful crystals behind.


The Taste

Photo by: Natural Cannabis Company

Photo by: Natural Cannabis Company

The taste and aroma are by far the most distinctive and memorable aspects of Superglue, with a flavor profile unlike almost any other strain. The smell is pungent and piney, but the taste is something else altogether. What begins as a herbal and refreshing taste as it first hits your tongue quickly morphs into a sharp, borderline bitter taste along the lines of orange rind or even arugula. Complex and multifaceted, you may also notice woody, earthy, bittersweet caramel, and citrus notes in contrast to the dominant, slightly chemical, bitter taste.

The flavor profile walks an engaging line between organic, natural aromas, and striking, pungent, chemical ones. This is one strain that is worth trying for the flavors alone. Typical of a hybrid, Superglue is a balance between head and body effects, but with a definite lean towards indica-style sedation. This strain will relax you first and foremost, but will also lend a mood-lifting happiness to the equation, which is great for movies, socializing or an active evening out on the town. Couchlock is definitely a possibility, though, if you get too comfortable and let it set in. This is a great choice for stress, pain, physical fatigue, depression, and appetite issues. There is little chance of anxiety and paranoia with this strain, an admirable trait it likely inherited from its parents - Afghani and Northern Lights. Be ready with water in case of dry mouth, which is fairly likely with Superglue.

Why choose Superglue? If you don’t want extreme sedation or extreme stimulation, this is a great middle ground. If you want to avoid anxiety or paranoia while also shying away from the sleepiness and the intense couchlock of heavier strains, give Superglue a try. Also, if taste and aroma are important to you, and if you like to sample the entire spectrum of the cannabis flavor wheel, Superglue is one strain you will certainly want to put on your list.