The White OG is a heavy yet activating indica hybrid, bred from two hard-hitting strains, SFV OG Kush, and a Floridian hybrid strain, The White. Strong and sedating, like its SFV parent, it also brings a mildly stimulating and euphoric element to the mix. The White OG won awards in both the 2010 and 2014 Cannabis Cups.  It gets its name from the dense coverage of trichomes that gives the nug an almost morning dew/ light snow on grass look.

Bearing the OG name means that this strain has a high mark to live up to - with OG Kush being an all-time west coast favorite for so many smokers. Meanwhile, the strain’s other parent brings the influence of a mysterious East Coast strain, The White, known for its thick coating of trichomes and balanced hybrid effect.

Visually, this bud resembles its powerful, trichome covered hybrid parent. These buds take on a snowy, frosted look not terribly common among heavy, sedative indicas. Beneath the thick layer of trichomes are bright green buds with deep, auburn hairs. Instead of the dense, bundled structure of the buds of many indica strains, these buds have a waxy, leafy, and foamy texture, and also stick to your fingers as you try to break it up.

In terms of smell, on the other hand, the resemblance to its other OG parent really comes through. Like so many OG Kush strains, The White OG offers a bright, pungent, earthy, sweet-citrus aroma that bursts out of the jar to fill the room. Those who look for consistent patterns in the aroma and terpene profile of different families of strains will find one here – that sour yet piney OG smell is distinctive, and found in most of the strains that carry the family name, distinct from the sweet and milder smell of so many other families of indica strains.

Photo by: Boulder Wellness Center

Photo by: Boulder Wellness Center

The taste follows up on the pungent smell, but is much more mild. The first taste of fresh green is reminiscent of sour berry candy, with an earthy, almost woody taste on the exhale. The smoke is dense, luxurious, and almost creamy.

The strain’s effect is sedating, yet euphoric and mentally stimulating, and likely to lead to a nap after a few hours of pursuing creative outlets like writing, music, or art. Smaller doses lack couchlock entirely, while larger ones have the potential to act as a sleep aid. Ultimately, it is unpredictable and best to wait to smoke it until the day’s major tasks are out of the way. That said, it is great for stress relief and minor to moderate pain relief at the end of the day, and packs a dreamy, cerebral punch that lets you savor the hours leading up to bedtime.

Overall the Californian and Floridian parents come together to yield a powerful strain that offers the best properties of both – a reminder that even in these times of changing laws here in California, we can’t forget our friends throughout the country who have contributed to the modern cannabis revolution.