1.  Rolling Apparatus

The difficulty of rolling up on an uneven surface for a beginner is high. Yeah there are those who can roll up anywhere, in their lap, on their hand, etc. but for beginners that's basically an impossibility. What you really need to ensure the perfect roll up is a flat surface. Whether you want to use a rolling tray, magazine, book, counter top they all work equally well.

2.  The Shrubbery

Got Weed? Indica, Sativa, Hybrid as long as it's not some low grade reggie, then you’re good. If you don't know the difference between Indica and Sativa weed strains, don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out our feature here, on the differences between the two. When trying to measure out how much weed you should use for rolling a joint or a blunt you should first see how many people you're smoking with. If there are multiple people trying to roll up with you then just have each person throw a little bit of their own in.  We would generally recommend around one gram bare minimum for a doobie or blunt with 3-5 people in the mix. However, if you're having a personal session then half a gram works perfectly.

Hi Grinder weed nugs

3.  The Grinder

Some people - especially all our east coasters out there - subscribe to the by hand break down method. Although in our earlier days we used to crumble the herb by hand, that was only because no one had a grinder. Honestly, since being introduced to grinders, now we definitely can't roll up without one. Especially when rolling doobies, grinders are a necessity. The finely ground consistency of the bud that comes from using a grinder makes for a much nicer, smoother, and more even smoke. In our experience, when using weed broken down by hand in a doobie, the joint is much more likely to “boat” or “canoe” - when the joint/doobie paper is burning unevenly - since the paper is thinner and burns more quickly than a blunt wrap. Blunts on the other hand are more hand-crumbled weed friendly. Although we prefer the four-part grinder with the bottom kief catcher compartment, the two-part grinders work just as well. Some people even claim that the two-part grinder saves more kief since there there isn’t a compartment that filters the kief to the bottom like in the four-part grinder, but we haven’t noticed very much of a difference.

Haven't got a grinder? Get you're very own four-part grinder here.

Photo by: Leafly

Photo by: Leafly

4.  The Wraps

Okay. So there’s been a constant debate among smokers, and that is what is better to smoke, a joint or a blunt? And, within each group you have subgroups that prefer certain blunts over others and some who prefer specific rolling papers. While we usually find ourselves craving blunts more than doobies - we definitely do enjoy both though -  we do have a preference as to which brand of blunts and rolling papers we use. As far as blunts go, most of us know about the smoker’s default choice, a.k.a. Swisher Sweets, but its better to try and stay away from them when you can. Some of our favorite blunt wraps include Dutch Masters, White Owls, and Backwoods. Dutch’s and Backwoods definitely have a more natural tobacco leaf feel to them, with Backwoods in particular packing a heavy tobacco head high punch so be careful with those. Backwoods are also more difficult to roll in general. Instead of splitting the blunt cigar straight down the middle to empty the tobacco inside - like you would with Swishers or White Owls - with Backwoods, you unroll the tobacco leaf from around the tobacco inside the cigar. When it comes to joint rolling papers, we do have our favorites, of course I’m not going to refuse a doobie rolled with the generic zig zags, but to us, the pinnacle of rolling papers are Elements. Raw papers are okay, and so are OCB's, but nothing is quite like the texture and the even smoke you get with an Element paper.

*Extra* - For a joint with a little extra "head high" like a backwoods, try a spliff. Grind up one part weed and one part loose tobacco (not from inside a blunt, but what works best is rolling tobacco from brands like American Spirit or Bali Shag) and combine them together then roll it up, spark it up, and smoke it up.

5.  Thirst Quencher/ Munchies

Maybe not the most essential, but a very necessary component of any roll up session are drinks and munchies. It’s almost impossible to escape the reality of cotton mouth, and when you don’t have anything to drink, a dry mouth can definitely blow your high. Water is always the best and most refreshingthirst quencher when the cotton mouth hits. I've usually found that while juice tastes delicious when you're high, it doesn't do much in the way of curbing the effects of cotton mouth. On the food end, the world is your oyster. Everyone has a different preference so there's really no right answer,  but for the sweets are most appealing, especially ice cream.