Trainwreck is a 90-percent sativa dominant hybrid with a notable stimulating effect. It rose to prominence in the 1980s, with its genetics being a combination of some of the world’s greatest landraces. Not only Mexican and Thai landrace sativas, but also Afghani indica, work in combination to produce an exhilarating sativa buzz with an element of pain relief and relaxation from the hint of indica. The legends surrounding the genetics, name, and origin of this strain vary depending on who you ask and where you look. However, most agree it was well-known by the 80s, and some claim that Trainwreck has its origins in Humboldt county as early as the 60s or 70s. Some say it began as an attempt to replicate the ‘Thai stick’ phenomenon many American soldiers encountered in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Thai strains were brought to California and bred with the Mexican and Afghani strains already common to Humbolt county and Northern California.

While some sources imply the name was chosen simply as a reference to the hard hitting, invigorating, sativa effects which ‘hit like a train wreck’, other sources say there was an actual train wreck nearby the area where the strain was grown, during the summer the growers harvested for the first time. Other sources go even further with a story in which the growers were forced to harvest their crop early because of an influx of emergency workers due to a nearby train wreck. I find that story unlikely, and the pre-legalization history of strains is probably too murky for any of these stories to ever be accepted as universally true. What seems to be widely agreed on is that the strain emerged from the long-time cannabis capital of California in the Emerald Triangle - a region that includes Humbolt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties. The region is said to have been widely economically dependent on cannabis since long before medical legalization. Cannabis seems to thrive in the mild climate and hilly conditions of northern California, and as such, Trainwreck has made a name for itself among the upper echelon of cannabis strains – particularly among sativa lovers.

Photo by: Budmanoc

Photo by: Budmanoc

Trainwreck offers hefty portions of the terpenes limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene, which give the strain its trademark aroma – fresh, spicy, lemony, and piney. The lemon and pine scents burst out of bag, and the scents follow through with a distinctive aftertaste once smoked. The texture tends to be light and airy rather than dense, with the buds easily breaking apart like Styrofoam. Visually, Trainwreck buds tend to lean in a lighter colored direction, with light green calyxes, plentiful trichomes, and light orange hairs.

The sativa effects are well known for treating depression, PTSD, ADD, fatigue - with some patients also choosing the strain for pain relief thanks to the indica component. The high is hard hitting, long lasting, and motivating. I can’t imagine a better strain to smoke before or during a strenuous hike. The same goes for any other exercise, or even those unbearable household chores. The robust, activating effects urge patients to push themselves as hard as possible, and to take pride and joy in accomplishing small but admirable goals. If you’re going through the kind of fatigue that comes with depression - or the kind of depression that often goes with fatigue - this could be an ideal strain for you. Trainwreck offers all the benefits of a strong cup of coffee - minus the jitters - as well as the mood boosting effects of any good sativa.

On top of its noticeably motivating properties, Trainwreck also boosts creativity with dreamy, psychedelic elements to the effect. This makes the strain perfect for anything from painting to music to writing. The effects are cerebral and clearheaded, and are not likely to result in any couchlock. The effects are long lasting without having any lingering fatigue during the come down as with some other strains. Trainwreck is the quintessential daytime strain. As with any other sativa, it is possible to get some level of anxiety and paranoia from generous consumption, so proceed cautiously if the strain is new to you. Strains like Trainwreck were at one point my strains of choice, but as the years went on, I became more sensitive to the downsides of sativas. Still, Trainwreck is one of the best, with plenty to offer patients who are looking for the stimulating effects of a great sativa. 

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