Vanilla Kush is a moderately potent, anxiety free indica strain; which is a hallmark of the ‘Kush’ family strains, and their comfortable body high. The strain offers a delicious aroma and a moderate yet pleasant effect. This particular batch was from the delivery service At 50 dollars an eighth, this strain is one of the cheaper offerings on 

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The aroma of Vanilla Kush is reminiscent of root beer or cream soda – sweet vanilla with a hint of spice and citrus. There is also a faint hint of a floral element in the background. Though the scent is mild, it is pleasant and complex. The taste of the thick, dense smoke is more reminiscent of a hash-like and woody while on the other hand, the visuals and texture were not the least bit impressive to me. The pale green buds were not the least bit dense, and they even fell apart easily, almost like little pieces of Styrofoam, seeming to dry out instantly. This resulted in me ending up with a bag full of shake within a week. However, the effects of the strain exceeded my expectations in juxtaposition to the texture and my initial visual impression. Vanilla Kush genetics come from Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam, and combine two indica landrace parents, including an Afghani indica and an indica from Kashmir in northern India. Patients have found Vanilla Kush useful for pain, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and nausea. A number of other reviewers online mentioned extreme dry mouth associated with this strain, but I didn’t notice any effect like this more than the average strain.

Though not what I would call a heavy hitter, Vanilla Kush is a good bedtime strain – the key is to make sure you smoke enough of it. In order for me to get a similar effect from a single hit of a top-shelf California strain, I had to smoke almost an entire chillum’s worth of this batch of Vanilla Kush. However, once I managed to achieve the level I was looking for, the qualitative nature of the high was extremely mellow and pleasant. The feeling is similar to some varieties of hash, or to other pure indica Kush strains, such as Hindu Kush. Personally, the mellow and pleasant nature of the strain is perfect for any pre-sleep ritual. Between its pure indica qualities and generally modest potency, it was one strain that I found very unlikely to cause any anxiety or paranoia. Couchlock is present, - no surprise here being that this strain is of the indica variety - but not overpowering.

Furthermore, it seems likely that the problem with the lack of density and moisture of the buds lays within the growing or packaging of this Vanilla Kush before it got to me, rather than with the genetics themselves. Vanilla Kush won second place overall in the 2009 cannabis cup, and often tests at well over 20 percent THC. This particular batch from was labeled 21.4 percent THC and .06 percent CBD. I recommend giving Vanilla Kush a try if you enjoy heavy pure indicas like its parent strains. Not only because it seems from its reputation you’re likely to find a more potent batch than I did, but because even the mid-level Vanilla Kush I found became a welcome part of my nighttime routine. However, at the $50 price range, this batch is slated at the upper echelon of top shelf prices - although for it is on the cheaper end - while not matching that price when it comes to potency. Some occasions in life call for a slightly milder strain. I enjoyed the fact that this strain was extremely unlikely to get me to a non-functional point, or leave me groggy in the morning. Despite some drawbacks from my own experience, Vanilla Kush is a mellow pure indica with great genetics and a notably pleasant aroma that will leave smokers - from the novice to the advanced - enjoying the experience.