W Vapes, based in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, produces top-notch CO2 oil cartridges with a high terpene content, striving to capture the individual essence of each specific strain. With a wide selection, lab-tests available on their website, and a small batch, strain-specific extraction process, W Vapes’ cartridges accomplish that goal beautifully.

Many of the pre-filled oil cartridges that have flooded the market in recent years are basically THC oil with added flavoring. The harsh CO2 extraction process is notoriously destructive of terpene content, reducing many extracts to strong yet generic THC oil. Some companies add terpenes later in the process, either from the strains themselves, or from other natural or artificial sources, while some other companies take the extra care to preserve as many terpenes as possible as part of the extraction process itself. With W Vapes cartridges, it’s clear from the taste and effect that the oils share a terpene profile with their source strains. Their website describes their single-origin process which uses nothing but flowers from the original plant. No artificial terpenes, no solvents like propylene glycol. And the truly terpene-conscious can even find lab results for each strain on their website.


Hash Plant W Vapes cartridge indica

To test the final product of this process, we went for their indica Hash Plant cartridge, an old-school strain known for its Afghani heritage and luxuriously laid-back body effect. The genetics trace back to Northern Lights and an original Hash Plant strain with a mysterious background. However, does this cartridge stay true to its strain of origin?

The golden oil is light, clear, and on the thicker side when compared to other standard metal and glass cartridges. The oil vapes easily, quickly generating a dense cloud of vapor in the lungs. While it doesn’t feel terribly smooth (that may be because it hits so generously), creating a massive amount of vapor in just a few seconds. The taste is earthy and rich like hash, with an accent that suggests berry flavors without the usual overly sweet fruitiness.

Within just a few minutes - quickly by big-name indica standards - the effects condense into a heavy cloud of relaxation that starts behind your eyes and melts into the rest of the body. Physically, the effects are very similar to what you might expect from a hash or heavy indica, with lethargy, laziness, and sedation that walks the line of true sleepiness without going all the way into a nighttime only, knockout strain. There is a slight cerebral affect too, but this is characterized by a laugh-inducing giddiness more so than any kind of mental haze or paranoia. In terms of sheer strength, start with only 1 or 2 moderately sized hits, wait five minutes, and then work your way up from there if necessary. Make sure you don’t have many plans for the rest of your day.

The Hash Plant oil boasts a high, if not record-breaking, THC content, totaling 75 percent. When it comes to quantitative effect, this means it will feel more like dabbing than like vaping flower or old school hash. Keep this in mind as you find your ideal dosage. In terms of terpene content, W Vape’s lab test shows considerable amounts of caryophyllene, linalool, terpinolene and pinene. On top of these usual suspects, the rarer terpenes ocimene and terpinolene are also found in significant amounts. Ocimene has a “fragrant, herbaceous, and woodsy” aroma, according to Leafly, and offers antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. Terpinolene has a floral and herbal aroma, with anticancer, antioxidant, and sedative properties, among others. This combination fits with the oil’s herbal, earthy, almost soil-like, garden aroma, and likely accounts for some of its sedative potential as well.

W Vape’s Hash Plant cartridge is a distinctive choice for anyone looking for a strain-specific, terpene-rich indica CO2 cartridge. It’s one of several higher quality brands to reach the market in the last year or two, shifting gears from the less impressive cartridges that initially flooded this especially popular niche of the cannabis market.