Yoda OG kush cannabis strain review Star Wars

Yoda OG is not the first Star Wars named strain I’ve run into in my travels. They’ve seemed to pop up even more often since the Star Wars franchise took over our lives once again at the end of 2015. Yet somehow the novelty of finding each Star Wars strain never really wore off. Vader Kush, Skywalker OG, Death Star – as a life-long Star Wars fan each one reminds me that plenty of people out there share two of my greatest loves in combination. And of course, why not? Star Wars and cannabis are two of the greatest things I’ve discovered in my lifetime, and both have only become more popular with time. Humanity has existed for millions of years before Star Wars, with strict prohibition for a century – what were our chances of getting to live in a time in which both Star Wars and cannabis are easily accessible?

Of course I didn’t set out writing this article just to gush about two of the most widely loved things in the universe. You don’t need me to tell you how great Star Wars and cannabis are. My real aim is to help you determine whether or not Yoda OG is the right strain for you. Like Yoda with a lightsaber, this strain is a heavy hitter. There is relatively little information about its genetics available, but it descends from the storied and much loved OG Kush, its own genetics shrouded in a fair amount of mystery and legend itself. However, what we do know about Yoda OG is that it is an indica-dominant hybrid.

The buds of Yoda OG are some of the densest I’ve ever seen, and shimmering with crystals. Under a thick layer of resinous crystals, you can see tightly arranged rows of calyxes, green with reddish undertones from almost burgundy red hairs. The overall visual effect is an unusual impression of pale green, vaguely copper tinged buds. Getting a sense of the texture and visuals, I already know this is a powerful strain.

Oddly enough, the aroma and waxy resinous texture remind me of a Vader Kush I encountered in the past. The smell is earthy like fresh soil, skunky, sweet and a little bit sour, not unlike other OG strains. The taste is sweet and slightly astringent like ripe citrus. Within about ten minutes – on the delayed side – the stoniness begins to take hold. The effect is a balance of heavy body high with an accent of a giggly cerebral buzz. The dominant feeling is a weighty, body focused sensation, sort of like stepping into a warm swimming pool. This initial effect gives way to full-body muscle relaxation and a sense of calm and well-being, making this a great strain for both stress and muscle pain. Yoda OG has a long lasting effect, which tends to be the case when strains take a while to kick in. For me, these effects stayed fairly even for almost a full hour before even beginning to taper off.

Yoda OG bong star wars light saber weed marijuana cannabis

Some indicas focus on stress, some on pain, and some on sleep. Yoda OG, like other OG strains, was not a great sleep solution for me. It was more likely to lead me to happily space out watching more episodes on Netflix than intended, than it was to help me go to sleep. These effects will certainly vary from person to person – for some, any strain will result in basically passing out at a high enough dose. For me, Yoda OG was the perfect strain for settling down with all three Star Wars movies – original trilogy of course, not Special Edition – and spending a night in. Especially after a physically strenuous day working out or hiking, the muscle relaxing properties of Yoda OG really shine.

Star Wars is ultimately about escape into a far-away world of exotic creatures and characters, a way to discover new worlds without ever having to leave the comfort of your couch. Yoda OG is the perfect strain to compliment a night of escapism whether through movies, books, or video games; you can drift off into another world (or galaxy) and leave your stressful day behind. Some strain strains may knock you out, others may energize you, but Yoda OG walks a nicely balanced line between relaxation and stimulation of the part of our brains that love to daydream.