Strawberry Fields

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If cannabis is at all involved in your Valentine's Day date, here's two tips:

1. Get some Strawberry Fields flowers. More or less the indica version of the staple sativa Strawberry Cough, the strain delivers a calming body effect while retaining the sweet berry aroma and clear head high akin to sativas. Perfect for that controlled, euphoric feeling you'd want for a romantic night with your significant other.

2. Play this mix.



01 Iman Omari, "Fallen"

02 Flying Lotus, "Fall in Love"

03 SiR, "War"

03 Iman Omari & MoRuf, "The Path"

04 Pac Div, "Fallin'"

05 Mndsgn, "Wherever U R"

06 VULFPECK, "Back Pocket"

07 Kendrick Lamar, "She Needs Me (Remix)"

08 Iman Omari, "Midnight"

09 KING, "Carry On"