It is safe to say the Migos have finally arrived. Their song “Bad and Boujee” is currently on top of the Billboard charts, and the group doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. For some, this meteoric rise of the group seems like it has happened overnight, but in reality, this moment has been years in the making. “Bad and Boujee”s success is predicated on the fact that it became a viral sensation. The song has literally become a meme. From Offset’s opening phrase, “raindrops, drop top” to Quavo letting people know he, “still be playing with pots and pans, call me Quavo Ratatouille,” the song is riddled with quotable meme-like lyrics. 

Migos Quavo TakeOff Offset YRN Culture Bad and Boujee

In fact, the Migos’ career has been based around being viral, while subtly influencing pop culture. Back in 2013, they got a huge co-sign from Drake when he hopped on the “Versace” remix instantly setting the Internet on fire. The remix exposed the world to a relatively unknown trio of Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff. It also introduced the world to the highly influential “Migos flow,” which many artists still use today. While there has been debate on who actually created the flow, it is pretty clear that the Migos brought it to the forefront and popularized it over recent years. Since then, the group has spawned other hits, such as “Handsome and Wealthy,” “Freak No More,” and “Fight Night.” While all of these songs were wildly popular, none of them charted very high on the Billboard Hot 100. But instead of banking on radio airplay, the Migos have focused on other avenues to remain relevant. On twitter, the hashtag #MigosSaid—which you should definitely take the time to search—puts their funny, yet witty lyricism on full display. 

They also credit themselves with popularizing the infamous Dab dance, which has literally been EVERYWHERE the past couple of years - most notably the favorite celebration of Cam Newton during his historic 2015 NFL season. Although they have been met with skepticism about whether or not they created the dance, there is no doubt that they played a role in the dances popularity. 

There is also the never-ending comparisons to groups like NWA, Bone thugs n’ Harmony, and more famously, the Beatles. Dating back to as early as 2013, there have been tweets debating which of the two groups - Migos of the Beatles - is better. Most recently, they were labeled as the “Beatles of this generation,” by Donald Glover at the Golden Globes Awards earlier this month. While it certainly makes for a fiery Twitter debate, the fact that this is even a conversation attests to the group’s influence on the culture. Whether this is meant to be a form of trolling, genuine belief, or a mixture of both, one thing is clear the Migos have impacted the culture during their time in rap game. With their upcoming, and appropriately titled, album Culture coming out next week, it will be interesting to see how they will continue to spread their influence.

You can listen to the the Migos album Culture, below: