Now, before you write this article off completely, let’s look at the circumstances. Yes, it’s only Apple Music. And yes, Drake is still #1 on the Billboard Top 100. But, 6ix9ine overtaking Drake for the #1 spot on the Apple Music charts is quite the achievement. The point I’m trying to make isn’t that 6ix9ine is bigger than Drake. It’s just that he has more clout... at the moment, and here’s why.

6ix9ine number 1 Itunes Apple Music top charts Drake


1.     "FEFE" knocked "In My Feelings" out of the top spot in 1 day.

 ONE. DAMN. DAY. That’s all it took, and with minimal promotion. 6ix9ine teased the song on his Instagram some months ago, posted a couple photos asking if fans were ready for "FEFE", and let the clout do the rest. 3 hours after dropping, he knocked Drake’s “Nonstop” out of the number 2 spot (previously at number 1) and his views on YouTube were well into the millions. Then a day later...number 1. Numero uno. Bye bye Drizzy. See you next time. 


2.     6ix9ine got robbed before the release

Not to mention he got his ass beat. Not a good look for a rapper who claims to “let his nuts hang”. And to add insult to injury, it was in New York! The city he claims to be the King of. I don't know about you, but I haven’t heard too many fairy tales that involve the King getting his ass beat in his own damn kingdom. I’m just saying. Apparently, he was on his way home from a video shoot when some masked men pulled up on him, kidnapped him, and robbed him at gun point, taking 750k in jewelry and 20k in cash. Yes, you read that right, the ice is gone. The spinning joint, the saw joint, the My Little Pony with the real hair. All gone. If you ask me, the King of New York needs to stop buying jewelry and buy some security. Do you know how much loyalty you can buy for 750k? And still, despite all of this...he dethrones Drake. Either one of two things has to be responsible for this: the Russians, or the clout. You decide. 


3.     The “Do the Shiggy” Challenge

 For those who don’t know, or don’t have data, or WiFi... or friends, the “Do the Shiggy” Challenge just flooded the internet 2 weeks ago. Thanks to @theshiggyshow on Instagram, Drake’s “In My Feeling’s” skyrocketed to the top of the charts. Drake even gave Shiggy his props, saying that the song wouldn’t have been as successful without Shiggy. That’s humble, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that Drake has been in the game for 10 years and 6ix9ine been in it for 10 minutes. Nicki Minaj also gets her credit for being featured on "FEFE" and bringing her fan base along for the ride, a smart move by 6ix9ine’s camp if you ask me. But, I’m still shocked. Genuinely shocked. 

How long will FEFE remain #1? Will 6ix9ine get his My Little Pony chain back? Does KeKe love Drake? Find out in the next article on