Essential tips for enjoying your 420


1.  Roll up everything the day before:

An easy way to avoid the stress and monotony of rolling up your copious amounts of marijuana is to get a much needed head start and just roll up the night before the holiday begins. Trust us, you'll definitely thank us when it comes time for that waken bake and you have all of your materials pre-pared for you. 

2.  Plan out your choice of munchies:

 Nothing is more important than designing your 420 menu of delicious munchies to satisfy your inevitable hunger cravings. Brainstorm with your friends, you won't regret it. 

3.  Coordinate with your friends:

Nobody wants to be "that guy" that has to spend all of 420 smoking alone. Make sure you know what your friends are planning and coordinate smoking sessions with them. Remember, everything is better with friends! 

4.  Make sure you have plenty of water!

This should be a given, but too many times the kush makes us forget the simplest of things. The last thing you want to be worried about on 420 is battling the infamous "Cotton Mouth."

5.  Plan things to do so you don’t get couch locked:

We totally understand if your plan IS to get couch locked, hell that's one our all-time favorite past-times when it comes to getting high. However, we are of the mindset that 420 should be a day filled with dope activities to go hand in hand with your smoking experience; which is why we believe that planning in advance is a perfect way to maximize your 420 experience. 

6.  Keep an eye out for local events:

You can't be the only ones celebrating can you? Most likely you're not alone, and since this is the case there is bound to be some sort of local event in your area celebrating the holiday. Although this isn't a definite, it won't hurt to keep an eye out for something dope. 

7.  Make a 420 playlist (Or listen to our personal mix crafted especially for you!)

 Don't sit in silence the whole day.... During 420 we have found music to be a necessary essential. Build your own playlist or take a listen to our own 420 playlist below. 

8.  How to get your weed?

Option 1 (For the schedule oriented) - pick up your supplies a day or two in advance. Option 2: (Bang for your buck) - Be on the lookout for special 420 deals at your local dispensaries.

9.  Get your shit done first: 

Having up-coming work in the back of your mind during your festivities can be a major stressor. Therefore, we have found that it makes our day much more enjoyable when we get everything out of the way first. 

10.  Dab Safely!

Dab at your own risk... or don't... 



Must watch movies for 420


Obviously, instead of movies you can opt to binge on some of your favorite Television shows on Netflix and beyond, and if that happens to be your preference, some of our personal favorites include:

Rick and Morty

The Regular Show

Chappelle’s Show


American Dad 

Bob’s Burgers 

South Park 

…..  However, for the purposes of 420 we find that taking in a film is a more captivating and effective way of maximizing your high and television viewing experience; Not to mention that the run time of the film acts as a perfect timer to let you know it’s time to move on to your next 420 activity. Unlike, the stereotypical view of a “stoner film”, we find that there exists a vast array of films in different genres in which we consider to be perfect films to view while high. Therefore, for the purpose of this section, as well as your viewing preferences, we are going to break the film down into 3 categories: Classic Stoner Films, Mind Fucks, and Comedies, ….


Mind Fucks

1.  2001: A Space Odyssey

 A film that was far ahead of its time and still heavily influences nearly all space films made today. Everything down to the soundtrack is absolutely legendary (which I guess is to be expected from a Kubrick film)! In fear of giving away too much we’ll just say that this movie is definitely a mind bender that will stay on your mind well after you’re finished watching it. 


2.  Primer

 The definition of a mind fuck, “Primer” is a shorter, thought provoking film that will leave your mind racing with questions even after it ends. Pay close attention (especially to the dialogue)!


3.  Requiem for a dream

 An amazingly disturbing film that chronicles the lives of the lonely who are just searching for the comfort of love and human connection. Darren Aronosky does a wonderful job of captivating the audience by stimulating everything from the visual to the cerebral. 


4.  The Shining

"Heresss Johnny!" One of the greatest Directors of all time gives us one of the greatest thrillers of all-time. Still hotly debated by movie buffs, see what you can interpret in this bone-chilling masterpiece. 



Classic Stoner Films


1.  How High

 Method Man and Redman go to College?!?! Sign me up. This beloved, and vastly underrated, stoner classic has Method Man and Redman link up to attend the most prestigious of universities with the help of smoking some herb cultivated using the remains of a recently deceased friend. We suggest rolling at least 2 blunts in preparation for this one and prepare to laugh your ass off.


2.  Half Baked

This classic Dave Chappelle film has got to be an all time stoner favorite. A must watch for any smoker who hasn’t seen it.


3.  Mac & Devin Go To High School

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa get together to create a hilarious and entertaining film chronicling the story of two high school seniors, Mac and Devin. If you haven’t already, make sure you go listen to the album they made together to accompany the film, it’s highly recommended.


4.  Friday

Do we even have to go into detail about this one? One of the most classic of the classic stoner films, Ice Cube delivers a masterpiece that even to this day remains as relevant as ever. While we only listed the first movie, any of the movies from the trilogy (“Friday”, “Next Friday”, “Friday After Next”) are great choices for your 420 film viewing experience. 


5.  The Big Lebowski

 It feels like Jeff Bridges was born to play this role, this cult classic follows the tales of "The Dude” who just merely wants to retrieve a rug that was stolen from him because, well…. It just really tied the room together.


6.  Pineapple Express

 The dynamic duo of Seth Rogen and James Franco is impeccable in this classic stoner comedy that is impossible to only watch once. 


7.  Harold and Kumar - White Castle and Guantanamo Bay

What’s better than a film about two stoner best friends just trying to make it to their favorite burger place to satisfy some munchie cravings?  




1.  Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

 The Wayan’s brothers have to be some the most talented people on this planet, from their 90’s television show, to their memorable appearances on the original “Scary Movies”, Shawn and Marlon Wayans have made a plethora of classic films…. and this may be their best one. 


2.  Ted

You can expect nothing less but pure gold from the creator of “Family Guy” who delivers with an absolutely hilarious movie featuring the talents of the one and only Mark Wahlberg. 


3.  Step Brothers

Will Ferrell never disappoints, and the legendary combination with John C. Reilly makes for a film that will live in infamy in our generation as one of the greatest comedy films, and who doesn’t like to laugh their ass off when their high? 



4.  Kevin Hart - I’m a grown little man

 Stand up comedy is always a great option if you’re looking for laughs, especially this legendary performance from the great Kevin Hart. 


5.  Eddie Murphy - Raw / Delirious

 Although both stand up specials were released in the 80’s, they remain as relevant and funny as ever as Eddie Murphy puts on display his talents as one of the most successful comedians of all time. 


6. Dope

A coming of age story very close the hearts of 90's babies everywhere and very reminiscent of a new version/ take on the high school experience straight out of the book of the old classic American Pie movies. The whole film is a whacky adventure that pits three friends against unbelievable odds.  




There is definitely no shortage of music for you to listen to during your festivities, but if you're looking for some suggestions or just want to explore something new, check out our newest SoundCloud mix Ivory Haze created by Herban Indigo's own Sunny Sanghera. (Link coming momentarily!)



Top Strains to smoke

When it comes to picking out the best marijuana strains to smoke, we believe that it’s all about preference. Therefore, as a short disclaimer, we would like to stress the fact that these strains are merely our personal favorites, and this doesn’t mean that your beloved Banana OG isn’t up to snuff, just that it doesn’t make our list of personal favorites. Regardless of what your smoking on, just make sure that you follow the golden rule of quality over quantity. Anyway, without further ado… 


1.  Jack Herrer  

You cannot out do the smell of some Grade A Jack Herrer. There is simply nothing like it, and the accompanied delicious taste to the enticing smell makes it a perfect choice for 420. 


2.  Skywalker OG

 The name says it all. Enjoy your flight up in the clouds :)


3.  OG Kush

The old school classic, cannot go wrong with this one. 


4.  Girl Scout Cookies

 Great taste and an unmatched smell to go with an amazing high! Hopefully you have some actual girl scout cookies on hand (Thin mints maybe?) to accompany this beautiful strain. 


5.  Blue Dream

An all time favorite of ours, Blue Dream is a gorgeous, visually stimulating saliva strain that smells and tastes exactly how you think it would. Enjoy!



Top Munchie Foods

1.  Chips

 Flaming Hot Cheetos, Doritos, Honey BBQ - Despite being such a cliche option to satisfy your high appetite, we've found that you can never go wrong with a large bag of your favorite chips. 


2.  Fruit - any type of berry

We know its not what you typically think of as a "munchie" food, but try blazing up a fat blunt of blue dream and get a carton of blueberries and then try and tell us that they don't make for the perfect combination. 


3.  The Fast Food Plug

 In n’ Out, Chick Fil’ A, Chipotle, Pizza, etc. All solid choices when deciding what to serve for your munchie menu. 


4.  Cookout foods

Chicken Wings, Ribs, Mac & Cheese, Cornbread, potato salad etc. Better prepare for the Itis! Comfort + OG = Game Over. 


5.  Breakfast foods

pancakes, omelets, Bacon (preferably Turkey bacon), french toast, etc. Nothing beats a nice hearty breakfast. 


*Bonus: Desserts - Ice Cream, cookies, etc*