On the third iteration of the Beach House series, Ty Dolla $ign delivers a project that displays his ability to continue to produce hits. Since the inception of the “Beach House” series, Dolla $ign has been able to generate hit singles, such as underground hit “My Cabana”; breakthrough smash “Paranoid”; and the dizzying, yet catchy “Or Nah.” This album starts off with “Famou$,” an acoustic record painting a picture of the realties that come with fame versus perception.

Ty Dolla $ign incorporates a multitude of musical styles that give Beach House 3 a diverse sound. Whether he’s flipping 90’s R&B songs on standout tracks like “Ex” or using Reggae riddims (“So Am I”), nothing sounds forced by the Dolla $ign as his vocals ride the beat with no effort. Based on his interview with Glamour this seems to be intentional. He states, “Every song isn’t just going to be the same thing so you might hear some acoustic stuff, I got a reggae song, I got some trap, I got all types of shit.”

Photo by: Vice

Photo by: Vice

The album’s features definitely do not disappoint. The guest list includes, Lil Wayne, Future, Swae Lee, YG, and Wiz Khalifa to name a few. Each guest is placed perfectly on the album never sounding out of place, but instead complementing Ty’s voice versus overtaking it. The most surprising guest on the album was Pharrell on “Stare.” Backed by Pharrell’s production and voice on the hook along with a guest verse provided by Wiz Khalifa, the song is a standout on the album.

While the album draws from a number of musical influences, it does feel a bit cluttered at times giving it more of a compilation feel as opposed to a cohesive album. As the Dolla $ign switches from different styles, the album’s overall direction can get a little lost. Even with the various “Famous” interludes, the album strays at times.

Overall, Beach House 3 is a fun ride that showcases Ty Dolla $ign’s ability to pen bangers as well as his ability to collaborate with just about anybody. At 20 tracks, this album has something for everyone. He is able to incorporate the pop sound on songs like “Love U Better,” just as easily as he is able to evoke that classic slow R&B feel on records like “Message in a Bottle.” If the Dolla $ign’s past projects and numerous features on hit records in the past haven’t shown how diverse he is, Beach House 3 definitely highlights Ty Dolla $ign’s abilities.