The past two years, Future has become a household name among rap fans. Stinting from his marital woes with Ciara and his release of 6 major projects that include—Monster, Beast Mode, 56 Nights, Dirty Sprite 2, What a Time to Be Alive, and his latest work, Purple Reign. Based out of my home city Atlanta, the rapper has always created noise in this major southern hub and now his lean-based, sex-crazed music is beginning to make noise nationwide. In August 2015, Future announced that he would be releasing EVOL sometime in the near future. The album, which is pronounced “evil” and is “love” spelled backwards, is filled with songs that detail the unexpected forms love can take, including through the use of drugs.

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Just when people thought they had Future Hendrix figured out, he surprises us with a pretty solid album release through DJ Khaled’s first show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio early February. The LP, EVOL, is his fourth Album release of his career and is a consequential follow-up to his hit album release last year, Dirty Sprite 2. It consists of 11 tracks including a track featuring the Weeknd called "Low Life." The album is one that makes the listener realize that Future is beginning to become the king of the drug influenced, auto-tune rap game segment. The amount of projects and the vibe all these projects are portraying reflect the direction that rap is going in and Future captures it all within this project.

Although it’s no surprise on the theme of this album, the raps on EVOL to me aren’t as refined as they were on DS2. The Xanax/Codeine theme is so prevalent in this album that sometimes I find myself heading to for lyrics or sparking up myself in order to be able to understand what is actually being said. With that being said, Future’s success up to this point is not due to his lyrical prowess but it is due to his ability to have great production - beats that blow the trunk off your car - and a perfectly tuned voice to make his music addicting to all who hear it. And this is exactly the case in this album. The true winners on this album to me are the producers including Metro Boomin, TM88, Southside, and DJ Spinz. The quality of production from these producers is insane. I constantly find myself switching to this album when I feel like waking my neighbors up with my 12” kickers. However, if had Future delivered like I had expected him to lyrically on this album, this could have been one of his best projects, but in my opinion this simply was not the case. I give the album a solid 7.7/10 with the production being a major reason for the album having the score it has. I’m all for a rapper putting out a large body of work but I personally enjoy quality over quantity so I’m a bit disappointed in this LP. In conclusion this album is no DS2 or Pluto, but it is a step up from his second studio release album Honest. Here’s the iTunes link to the EVOL album so you can rate it for yourself. Hope you enjoy!

Album Rating: 7.7 / 10

My Favorite Tracks: In Her Mouth, Xanny Family, Seven Rings, Low Life


Future EVOL Tracklist:

1.       Ain’t No Time

2.       In Her Mouth

3.       Maybach

4.       Xanny Family

5.       Lil Haiti Baby

6.       Photo Copied

7.       Seven Rings

8.       Lie To Me

9.       Program

10.   Low Life (Ft. The Weekend)

11.   Fly Shit Only