If you somehow weren’t aware, today is 4/20. In case you did forget however, the NFL didn’t, and is certainly doing it’s “due diligence.” Pittsburgh Steeler running back Le’Veon Bell - who has a history with weed - tweeted out earlier that he was asked to submit a “random” drug test to the NFL today, the day that just so happens to be a national stoner holiday. 


Just last year Bell was suspended by the league to start the 2015 season when he and former teammate Legarrette Blount were arrested in August 2014 for possession of marijuana and a DUI. 

The question we’re all wondering though: Is Bell passing the test?

The quote “good luck with that sample,” makes me believe that he may still have weed in his system, implying that he isn’t going to pass. However, when a fan reached out to the pro-bowl running back on twitter saying:


Bell - who must have been drinking a lot of detox leading up to today - reassured all us that there is nothing to worry about when he tweeted back.

If higher powers within the NFL were smarter, they would have asked Bell (or any other player) to submit a test tomorrow, instead of today. I’m pretty certain when I say that a plethora of NFL players smoke, and, I can guarantee someone will be celebrating 4/20 that has a contract with an NFL team. Perhaps, the league is merely using Le’Veon as a poster child to warn players that random tests are coming, which should scare players into canceling, or at the very least, postponing their 4/20 celebrations (well, Josh Gordon might be the one exception on this one). 

Are all these drug tests conducted by the NFL really “random?” I guess we will really find out if they ask draft prospect Ezekiel Elliott for a random test the day after the Electric Daisy Carnival