How many times have we tried to find the perfect activity to supplement the mind numbingly dull house tasks that await us on the daily? I don't know about you, but to me, the worst of these tasks is laundry time. Nothing is more boring than doing the monotonous folding of garments that've piled up in the laundry bin. One of the tricks I use to cope with the laundry struggles is to listen to music... and some times I have these magical moments where I discover the perfect song to accompany an activity.

(I have come to find through years of dish washing and apartment cleaning, that Erykah Badu is the perfect compliment! The soothing and soulful voice she emits elevates your mood and puts you in the zone to power through. I would especially recommend her album Mama's Gun for its unique quality of simaltaneously being a perfect compliment for barbecues.) 

Today was one of those days... As I undertook the task of lugging my overflowing bag of laundry down the stairs to the washer and dryer, I decided that I ought to take my Jambox with me to make it more bearable. It just so happens that I had been working on an album review of Future's DS2 for quite some time. That involved me doing a bit of research on trap music and discovering/re-discovering some interviews and music videos from some of my favorite artists and producers. You know, like Gucci Mane, Zaytoven, Mikewillmadeit, Migos. The past day or so I had been bumping nothing but Migos - in my car, my room, at the gym, literally everywhere.

Photo by:  Theonepointeight

Photo by: Theonepointeight

Anyway, I put my clothes in the washer and decided to play one of my favorite Migos tracks, "Hannah Montana." It was good, but definitely failed to fit that laundry room vibe. Unfortunately, I don't have any Migos on my phone yet, so I was forced to use YouTube, and had to go through the eternal struggle of deciding what to play next. And then it came... like a gift from the heavens. Something inside me told me to play "Wishy Washy," a song originally shown to me by my friend and fellow co-founder Sunny. Chills ran down my spine and a smirk crept onto my face. 

Before I knew it, I found my arms beginning to mimic the "Lil B" "cooking dance" as I poured the last of the detergent into the washer. Instant 180 degree shift in my mood. The chorus is still stuck in my head, the beat is just outrageous, and, of course, the Migos stay true to form with their famous flow and lyrical content. Although the song is far from an ode to fabric softeners, detergents, and the struggles in the laundry room (believe me), the video is set in a laundromat, which I think is fucking amazing and hilarious at the same time. And there's just something about the hook that makes me feel like I should be whipping detergent. 

The song was still on repeat as I later went to remove my clothes from the drier and fold them. Time flew by as I nodded my head and tried unsuccessfully to sing the hook. But still, it flew by. Bottom line is get your Jambox, boom box, or whatever kind of speakers you have, and give it a shot the next time you make that dreaded trip to the washer.