In preparation for Soulection's latest of the Sound of Tomorrow series in Downtown LA's The Regent this Saturday, September 7, let's take it back to when they made their way to Chicago earlier this year on April 1, courtesy of our friends at ELVTD.

Soulection's been busy in LA recently. After a core of the Soulection team played at HARD Halloween over the weekend and held a panel for students at the University of Southern California, they'll host what looks to be one of their most promising TSOTs ever. Yesterday Goldlink surprised everyone by announcing he'd be dropping his album tomorrow as opposed to next Friday and will be performing this Saturday, a show that is day number seven of Red Bull Sound Select's awesome 30 Days in LA. He'll be joined, officially, only by Sango, but more than likely we'll see at least two or three other artists on their roster. RSVP for the show while you have time.