Felt 2 Today On Vinyl Murs Slug A Tribute to Lisa Bonet

Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet


Released This Day In... 2005


In 2000 Slug and Ant from Atmosphere combined with Living Legend's Murs to create the super group Felt. After dropping their first project in 2002 as a tribute to Christina Ricci, they collaborated again three years later with this project, some of the least heard yet highest quality material from the individuals. True to their roots, the independently released album has become a cult classic and a must listen for any Atmosphere fan.


Featuring catchy boom-bap production and technical lyricism, Felt is a prime example of artists maintaining their own strengths while working jointly together. My personal favorite track is "Dirty Girl", yet all of the album works seamlessly together and is highly listenable in sequential order. The album is playful and upbeat on a surface level with a deeper emotional layer of pain, regrets, and story telling.