Return Of 4eva


Big K.R.I.T.


Released This Day In... 2011


Underrated and underappreciated by some, Return of 4eva sits high atop our list - and many others - as one of the top mixtapes to come out in the past decade. This project not only depicts K.R.I.T.s top notch lyricism and verbal creativity, but it also shows off his talent and versatility as a producer. In fact, K.R.I.T. self-produced the entire project, putting him in rare company of rapper/producers that are able to do both at the highest level. Sitting at 21 tracks and clocking in at around an hour and fifteen minutes of play time, the tape is a long one, but nearly every track is un-skippable and it plays more like an album than a mixtape.

From trunk rattlers and sub-boomers like “Rotation”, “My Sub”, and “Time Machine” to authentic, sincere, and introspective tracks like “Dreamin”, “Highs & Lows”, and “King’s Blues” K.R.I.T. has a track for just about everyone. Bringing back that old-school southern flavor that we’re familiar with hearing from the likes of Outkast, UGK, and Ludacris, Big K.R.I.T. takes the reigns to put his own unique spin on a classic sound. In a legendary effort and what is still one of our all-time favorite projects, Big K.R.I.T. solidified himself as a forced to be reckoned with in hip-hop.