doobie brothers the captain and me today on vinyl

The Captain And Me 

The Doobie Brothers 

Released this day in... 1973


The Doobie Brothers released their third studio album in what happens to be my personal favorite year for music, 1973. Recorded in North Hollywood, this album is essential Doobies: tight vocals, rhythmic guitars, and catchy chord progressions. One of their more commercially successful records, it's now certified double platinum.

Even if you don't recognize it by name, "China Grove" has one of the most iconic opening riffs in rock history. Coupled with the other single, "Long Train Runnin", this record contains two genuine hits, and the rest of the record isn't just filler. The Captian and Me is one of The Doobie Brothers better records, although most of their stuff is quality so it's hard to compare. If you're unfamiliar with the Doobies and want to listen to more of their music, look no further.