Despite the fact that recent polls have indicated that the majority of Americans are in favor of the legalization of marijuana, we haven't won quite yet. Here in California, where that percentage is actually lower, we're going to need every vote on Election Day to finally end marijuana prohibition. In order to properly prepare, we encourage everyone to educate themselves about the proposed legislation and make the decision to hit the ballots on Election Day next November to let their voices be heard.



Ultimately, we want to leave a lasting impact by contributing to the greater movement of enlightening society to the positive nature of cannabis and helping to change the way our country's interactions with it yield negative results. Thanks to decades of its vilification by our government and press, it won't be a light task, but is an imperative part of our progression. The first step is discontinuing the penalization and criminalization of those who partake in its consumption. Enough information has been brought to the light and Americans are clearing making their minds up on the true nature of cannabis. It's time to end the drug war that has done nothing but hurt a lot of innocent people, create ugly, disheartening social rifts, and make private corporations filthy rich at the expense of the public. Join us in our pursuit of a 420 friendly world, and a friendlier world in general.